Once Upon a Time at Christmas

Once Upon a Time at Christmas
Once Upon a Time at Christmas

Just when you think people are in the Holiday spirit, an evil Santa and Mrs. Claus begin killing to theme of the 12 days of Christmas theme. Once Upon a Time at Christmas has the town of Woodridge on edge. Can the police stop the murderer's in time for Christmas? Or will Santa and Mrs. Claus spread the Christmas spirit, one body at a time.

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Once Upon a Time at Christmas isn’t your typically Christmas story. In fact, it’s a countdown to Christmas and as each day gets closer to Santa’s big day, the body count in the small town of Woodridge continues to rise. Santa Claus, a one eyed, axe wielding maniac and his better half, Mrs. Claus, start reeking havoc on this small town with a grizzly set of murders just days before Christmas. The town is thrown into chaos. Jim, local sheriff is determined to find these serial killers and calls in the FBI; but that’s only makes matters worse.

The plot line of this movie is a little outrageous. The serial killers target victims who have wronged him in the past and with a Christmas theme. Each day, a new murder takes place, all relating to the twelve days of Christmas song and those who made his life miserable. His issues revolve around a girl named Jennifer, who is closer to the killer than anyone would think. She gets an early present from the killers in the form of the FBI agent’s fingers, and begins to create her own investigation.

The sheriff seems to have a grudge against the mayor and the two can’t see eye to eye on this investigation. This leads to an altercation once reporters come sniffing. Eventually, the mayor looses big while at strip club as the holiday killers takes his head as well as many just trying to enjoy a night of drinking and dancing. The two killers remind me of an incredibly poor mans version of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Mrs. Claus is a blonde who enjoys the crushing sound of her bat on a man’s skull. Santa, the axe-wielding murderer, has burns on his face and a disturbing laugh. The two seem too feed off each other’s psychotic actions and become even more dangerous.

After Jennifer starts digging into her moms past, she discovers that the killer wasn’t only married to her mom, but is her biological father. Bum, Bum, Buuumm! The mom served the killer divorce papers years ago on Christmas day and now he’s out for revenge. This makes for a plot twist in an already suffering story line. Eventually, the police catch up to the murderers as they attack a bar that Jennifer is at on Christmas eve. The police come just in time before Santa sets off multiple IED’s, but he escapes and Mrs. Claus is captured and taken to jail. The movie ends in a very weird scene between the sheriff and Mrs. Claus and the rest is unknown. The bad ending is poetic for the bad movie.

This is possibly the WORST movie I have ever seen. This “scary” movie is almost laughable with its mediocre acting and horrible visual effects. The dialogue in this movie is almost as boring as watching paint dry. They had a decent idea for the movie, but completely failed on its creation. I highly recommend NOT watching this movie.