Thule Gauntlet 15″ MacBook Pro Sleeve

Thule Gauntlet 15″ MacBook Pro Sleeve
Thule Gauntlet 15″ MacBook Pro Sleeve

The problem with most laptop bags is that they’re great for laptops and pretty much suck for everything else. (Previous Thule bag exempt, please check that review out here). Most modern men of style gravitate towards all purpose backpacks or leather messenger bags which house everything they need while out on the town.

While I am pro-messenger bag, I think most bags fall short in offering the protection needed for computers which start in the $1000+ price range. There may be a cell phone pocket and a place to put my guy-liner, but the swiss army nature of my carryon means nothing if I have to make a Genius Bar appointment to replace the Retina display on my MacBook Pro. While the unibody construction of my computer makes it look tough, I know from years of doing repairs on other people’s hardware that it takes just one good drop to ruin your day and set you back thousands of dollars and hours. No thank you.

Many people settle for a stodgy black messenger bag that harkens back to the days when you’d run AOL off a floppy disk and wait for your internet connection to dial up over a 56k modem. But this is the year of the touch screen… the year of Dub Step! Heck, this is the year after dub step… Consumers demand more!

Form and function should learn to play together. Since Obamacare has made us poorer as a nation we need to have something that looks good, works and is affordable in one package. I think the Thule Gauntlet MacBook Pro sleeve fits that description nicely!

Weighing in at just shy of 1lb, the Thule Gauntlet is made for the pro who needs their MacBook Pro to be portable. Custom fit for the 13″ or the 15″ model, this case fits your computer both when you’re using it and when you’re carrying it too. Perfect for stuffing into a messenger bag, backpack or large purse… this case gives your MacBook the bodyarmor it needs to travel when you don’t have time to treat your tech with tender love. Plus it looks awesome!

The Gauntlet features a semi-rigid high-density construction that offers enough flex to buffer a drop while remaining tough enough to absorb the drop’s shock. The case is water resistent so if you get wet your laptop should remain dry (in normal conditions… read “resistant” vs “proof” in the dictionary for clarification). There’s an elastic band inside to secure your laptop and it’s designed so that you can use your computer while your MacBook is still inside. Think about how flimsy the tray tables are on an airplane and tell me this isn’t a brillient design.

Aesthetically the Thule Gauntlet MacBook Pro Sleeve fits the brand’s lineup adding a splash of blue to an otherwise industrial black and silver color scheme. The new materials and simple modern design make your computer look great even when it’s put away. The next time you go to Starbucks you’ll look as trendy as you feel, so get your favorite obscure band t-shirt ready and go get your PSL before it’s out of season.



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