Three O’clock High: Collector’s Edition

Three O’clock High: Collector’s Edition
Three O’clock High: Collector’s Edition

If you are in the mood to watch a stereo-typical 80's teen movie, then this is the movie for you! It is remade in great 21st century blu-ray quality with the story line of a classic 80's movie. This movie is a short watch, only about an hour and thirty-five minutes long. It is an enjoyable film, but there is some profanity, so be aware if you are watching with children.

“The new kid, Buddy Revell (Richard Tyson, Kindergarten Cop), is rumored to have a violent history and Jerry Mitchell (Casey Siemaszko, Young Guns) has been tasked with getting to the bottom of it for the school paper. Desperate to get out of writing the story, Jerry accidentally angers buddy and earns himself a date with Buddy’s fists later that day. Can Jerry escape his parking lot date with destiny? Find out at Three O’clock High.” –Official Description


“Jerry Mitchell just bumped into Buddy Revell. Now Jerry isn’t thinking about math or English, because at three o’clock, he’s history.”


“Transcends the teen clichés by calculated self-mockery… Revives some of out old delight in the sheer mechanics of movie making.” –Los Angeles Times


Jerry Mitchell (Casey Siemaszko), fragile and kind-hearted, starts the movie in an unfortunate series of events that take place in THREE O’CLOCK HIGH. Jerry doesn’t stand a chance against the dreadful day he faces ahead. It all begins when he over sleeps through his alarm. Since he was running so late he is forced to drive his moms old and embarrassing compact car to school. Of course when he arrives at school he has an encounter with the girl he has a crush on, but driving his moms car didn’t help his image. The day only gets worse from there, when on behalf of the editor of the school news paper, Jerry is put in the situation of striking up a conversation in the bathroom with Buddy Revell (Richard Tyson), a notorious bully who is now starting at Jerry’s high school. Jerry quickly learned how big of a mistake he had made when he mistakenly tapped Revell on the arm, Revell throws Jerry into the bathroom mirror, then tells him to meet him in the parking lot after school at three o’clock so that Revell can finish what he started and give Jerry the beating of his lifetime. Mortified, Jerry swindles a plan that can solve his problem of what has him feeling like a dead man walking, but to his surprise he only manages to get himself into more trouble. As Jerry’s perilous day ticks closer to three o’clock, he must decide if he’ll stand up to Buddy, the infamous bully with a temper, or runaway trying to save his own skin.


The Collector’s Edition of Three O’clock High really offers a lot of special features for film fanatics. The blue-ray version of this dated 80’s teen comedy, which was released in 1987 originally, offers great picture and really enhances the quality of the film overall.


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Special Features:

Audio Commentary With Director Phil Joanou


“Head Of The Class” – An Interview With Phil Joanou


“Passing The Test” – Interviews With Screenwriters Richard Christian Matheson and Tom Szollosi


“School Clothes” – An Interview With Costume Designer Jane Ruhm


Theatrical Trailer


Still Gallery