FIFA 18 Review

At the jump, you’re thrown right into the ’53 minute of El Derbi madrileño match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Drama heats up as current Ballon d’Or holder Cristiano Ronaldo is fouled right outside the box, resulting in a golden opportunity to bury a go-ahead goal.  From here, you step in and play out the rest of the tilt. This is an initial assessment test to attain y...[Read More]

Time Recoil Review

The narrative of Story mode is clandestine to start, but reveals happen as you move through chapter events. The jist of it is there’s a nefarious actor by the moniker Mr. Time that has taken control over most of Europe. As a member of the Recoilers, your mission is to travel through time by way of wormholes, collect data or high value targets, and bring them back to HQ while merking any fool...[Read More]

Xbox One X details unleashed on the world

Lots of power under that hood. Check out the details below and the launch titles (and other titles). LOS ANGELES — June 11, 2017 — Sunday marked a milestone Xbox E3 Briefing as Microsoft Corp. unveiled the world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X (formerly code-named “Project Scorpio”) and its largest and most diverse games lineup in E3 history. Broadcast for the first time in 4K UHD on Mixer, Xb...[Read More]

Halo Wars 2

The first edition in the subseries, Halo Wars, was released right around eight years ago for the 360. That was a joint venture between the then named Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios. It coalesced basic real time tenants within the Halo-verse realm. With the odds stacked against (usual RTS-on-console control mismatch, melding facets of a shooter to fit a completely different genre, et c...[Read More]