War Thunder: The Chronicles of World War II now available

This is such a fun game, especially in VR. Check out the goods below for The Chronicles of World War II. 18th April 2017 — Gaijin Entertainment’s MMO Action Game War Thunder now features ‘The Chronicles of World War II’, a four-week event series that features the reenactment of 40 major historic World War II battles. Dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of Victory Day, the Chronicles are available un...[Read More]

War Thunder update brings ‘Assault’

Good update for a good game. Check out the official details below. March 16, 2017 – Gaijin Entertainment today announced the release of their latest major update 1.67 ‘Assault!’ for its military MMOG War Thunder. The update introduces almost twenty new vehicles including Japanese tanks and three new battle locations bringing the total number of maps to more than 80 available in the game. A new coo...[Read More]

War Thunder closes beta for Japanese ground forces

Official details below Gaijin Entertainment today announced that following the end of closed beta for Japanese tanks, additional Japanese tanks will be rolling out in its next major update for all players. Ahead of this rollout, Gaijin Entertainment will be providing daily profiles of some of the key vehicles on its War Thunder devblog beginning with the Japanese Type 87 SPAAG self- propelled anti...[Read More]