The Fate of the Furious [4K +HDR]

In the Eighth chapter of the Furious franchise, Dom breaks his code on family and decides to go rouge! Find out why in this adrenaline-pumping action film that’s filled with more high-octane vehicles than ever before. Description: I’ve been a fan of The Fast and The Furious franchise since the first film. It was a monumental step for the tuner-car generation that laid out the asphalt [...[Read More]

xXx: Return of Xander Cage (4k Ultra HD + Blu-Ray)

“VIN DIESEL returns in the most x-treme, x-plosive, and x-hilarating xXx yet! When a group of lethal mercenaries steal a high-tech weapon that poses a global threat, the world needs superspy XANDER CAGE (DIESEL). Recruited back into action, Xander leads a team of death-defying adrenaline junkies on a mission to kick some ass, save the day, and look dope while doing it. Prepare for the high-octane ...[Read More]