When Minecraft meets an MMO structure you get Trove. Trove is an interesting concept. It takes all the great building and crafting of a Minecraft game, the hook that keeps kids playing, and opens up into a simple massively multiplayer online role-playing game that may not challenge those interested in hardcore MMOs, but will consistently entertain the younger gamers in the household. I feel like I...[Read More]

Trove heading to PS4 and XB1 on March 14th

Cue ‘trove’ pun. Official details below. Trion Worlds’ hit Trove continues the voxel building adventure MMO on consoles, officially launching on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One™ on March 14, 2017. Currently in Open Beta, Trove has already been played by nearly four million console players, and is near the top of the Most Played and Top Free games charts on the Xbox One. With this massive r...[Read More]

Trove from Trion Worlds enters open beta

Trion Worlds’ Trove, the voxel MMO adventure game launching on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One™ in 2017, enters Open Beta today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Trove invites players into a world of boundless creativity where role-playing, action-adventure and building collide. Beginning today, players can jump into Open Beta for free. Trovians who make a purchase of any kind during Open Beta will also...[Read More]