Steep: Road to the Olympics

Way back when Steep was in beta form, I tried to enjoy the Ubisoft game, as it harkened back to enjoyable SSX times, but always found myself a little bit frustrated with the gameplay. What I found was a game that required a fair amount of patience and performance to enjoy, which wasn’t what I was expecting from it. Granted, the game was in beta, and things improved dramatically before it hit the s...[Read More]

NBA Live 18 Review

Okay, folks, it’s time to give NBA Live 18 a chance. They have done well with this year’s edition. Plus, they have James Harden as their spokesperson. He’s a cool cover player, but we will pray for his safety since he’s on the cover (that’s a thing with all EA covers, right?). There’s no doubt that NBA2K has taken the reins of the NBA video game basketball world and hasn’t looked back. With the re...[Read More]

Windjammers Review

Call me a big softy when it comes to nostalgia. Classic games that are pretty much untouched in function are just the best when they make it to current generation hardware. Well, barely touched that is, as is the case with Windjammers, which has been brought back to life on the PlayStation 4 by developer DotEmu.While this might be the shortest review I’ve written in some time, mainly due to the fa...[Read More]

NHL 18 Review

The signs have been there all along, folks. Three periods in a game. Three forwards on a scoring line. Three Stars of the Week. Three goals in a hat trick. Truly, three has been a magic number for the National Hockey League. And in keeping with this mysterious tradition of threes, EA has brought the new NHL Threes mode to the Xbox One (the third stage of evolution for Microsoft’s console!) Does th...[Read More]

NBA Live 18 puts Isaiah Thomas on his new team

Check out Isaiah Thomas’ new digs and the information about the demo below. Today, Electronic Arts revealed that NBA Live 18 is the first game to offer the newest point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Isaiah Thomas, and point guard for the Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving playable on their new teams. Following the blockbuster trade last week, NBA Live’s demo was expanded and updated this morn...[Read More]

F1 2017 Review

One of my first memories of watching Formula 1 (F1) was the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix. A charging Nigel Mansell, in the iconic Williams FW14B, chased down Ayrton Senna who inherited the lead after a loose wheel nut forced Mansell to pit. Coming out on fresh tyres Mansell set a lap record which was two seconds quicker than Senna and with three laps to go was right behind the Brazilian. However, despit...[Read More]

NHL ’18 – Beta Impressions (short and sweet)

If you believe the conventional wisdom about three being a crowd is incorrect, then the new NHL Threes mode that makes its debut in the NHL 18 beta is worth your attention. As the name suggests, you take the ice with two other skaters to enjoy a faster, more open style of play. The pace, of course, is certainly more arcade than faithful simulation. There are modifiers that affect how many points a...[Read More]

WWE 2K18 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

WWE 2k18 is coming to Nintendo Switch! Check out the announcement trailer and the details below! Nintendo fans have made it clear, they want WWE 2K games on their console of choice. And we’re happy to announce that we’re coming back! WWE 2K18 will release on Nintendo Switch™ this fall. This marks the first time in five years that a WWE game has been on a Nintendo platform. The Nintendo Switch vers...[Read More]

Oilers Conner McDavid gets NHL 18 cover, new details and trailer revealed

Time to get excited about hockey again, folks. Check out the goods below. LAS VEGAS, Nevada – June 21, 2017 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today unveiled the first look at EA SPORTS™ NHL® 18 to hockey fans at the 2017 NHL Awards™ and NHL Expansion Draft™ presented by T-Mobile in Las Vegas, and revealed Edmonton Oilers® superstar center and Art Ross Trophy winner Connor McDavid as ...[Read More]

DiRT 4

I am a big motorsport fan. There is barely a formula I won’t watch and have been following the main categories for as long as I can remember. I have a huge appreciation for any driver who has reached the pinnacle of their chosen category as it takes a certain kind of someone to drive cars consistently fast. However, there is one form of motorsport whose drivers I hold in the highest regards....[Read More]

MLB The Show 17

MLB The Show 17 returns just in time for spring training. Every year sports games are tasked with providing enough of a change year over year that fans feel like a true upgrade has been made. Sony San Diego Studios provides plenty of new features that should hold baseball fans over until next year’s game. With MLB The Show 17 only being released on the PlayStation 4 this year, Sony was able to app...[Read More]

Super Mega Baseball 2 gets a swanky customization gameplay trailer

Part of me is happy that baseball will be in full ‘swing’ in a month, but it’s also a sad reminder that basketball season is wrapping up soon (well, until the NBA extends its playoffs into mid-summer — wow, that’s long). *sigh* Anyway, to get things started off, here is some customization gameplay via Super Mega Baseball 2. Enjoy. Spring Training is in full swing and ...[Read More]

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