Amazon Appstore launches Retro Zone

Check out the news below. Love the logo. Amazon Appstore today launched Retro Zone,, the ultimate online destination for all things retro gaming. Retro Zone provides an easy and simple way for fans to get their hands on classic throwback items, including their favorite retro games now available on mobile devices, as well as classic consoles, toys, clothing, books, action fig...[Read More]

Huey heading to the Nintendo Switch

Another Switch game! Add it to the list. Check out the goods below. 9th May 2017 – London, UK – Huey Games is delighted to announce that its upcoming, highly-anticipated retro-inspired shoot ‘em up HYPER SENTINEL will now release on Nintendo Switch™ alongside PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this summer. Created by indie developer Jonathan Port, HYPER SENTINEL is a Kickstarter success story, h...[Read More]

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

Control the agile Specter Knight in a prequel to 2014’s popular indie hit Shovel Knight, that was released on about as many platforms as the original Doom. Kidding aside, Shovel Knight was a revered game and for good reason. The series is seeing two releases on Switch at launch, one being the $25 Treasure Trove which is the most complete version of Shovel Knight available as it includes the ...[Read More]