Toki Tori 2+ is coming to Nintendo Switch

Toki Tori 2+ hits Nintendo Switch next week! Toki Tori 2+ Heads to Nintendo Switch Feb 23rd! Pre-order Today! Experience Toki Tori’s Epic Puzzle Adventure on the go, for the first time ever! Toki Tori 2 returns to its roots after originally coming out on Wii U back in 2013. On Nintendo Switch™ you can play it on the go for the very first time. The Nintendo Switch Edition is the game&#...[Read More]

Polyarc releases new gameplay footage for Moss

Polyarc released the first new gameplay footage of Moss since its reveal during E3 Polyarc announced an official Moss iMessage sticker pack. Now fans can send 21 animated Quill stickers to anyone using the Messages app. They can even add Quill to their photos and make her a part of their world! This morning, the official PlayStation Blog is showcasing unseen levels, creatures and features, digging...[Read More]

Bridge Constructor Portal comes to Mac App Store

Headup Games brings new puzzle game to MacOS. “Make no attempt to solve it.” Bridge Constructor Portal is now available on the Mac App Store Headup Games proudly announce today’s release of Bridge Constructor Portal on the Mac App Store. The unique puzzle game is now available for MacOS for 9.99 USD / 10.99 Euro). It has also already been released on Steam, iTunes and Google Play a few...[Read More]

Fishing Cactus brings puzzle game to Steam

Fishing Cactus announces Algo Bot to Steam come February. Loveable programming puzzle game Algo Bot hits Steam on February 14, 2018 Create algorithms to guide Algo Bot through devious puzzles in a pan-galactic adventure. Mons, Belgium, January 25, 2018 – Fishing Cactus, maker of Epistory – Typing Chronicles, is proud to announce the release of Algo Bot on Steam on February 14th, 2018. ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter classes added to Puzzle & Dragons

Monster Hunter characters added to Puzzle & Dragons.  GungHo Online Entertainment is partnering once again with Capcom to bring a class of hunters from the world-renown action RPG Monster Hunter™ to the mobile phenomena, Puzzle & Dragons. Between Jan. 22 – Feb. 4, players must take up arms and engage the valiant beasts of Monster Hunter™ that have come to dominate the l...[Read More]


Ultra Ultra’s first game had me curious. All the trailers that we posted didn’t have a lot of detail on how the game went or what you were going to go up against. I knew there was a wonderful lead character named En and she was going stealth around some mean looking antagonist. What I found with the game was far better than that, even though it’s tough as nails (dare I say the Dark Souls of space ...[Read More]

The Witness launches onto iOS

This was an excellent game on the PS4. I’m sure it’s just as good here. Enjoy the details below. Jonathan Blow’s critically-acclaimed puzzle game The Witness is now available for iOS devices. Upon initial release in early 2016, critics hailed The Witness as “ruthless fun for puzzle-lovers” (TIME) and “a masterclass of puzzle design” (ArsTechnica). This ambitious iOS version includes ev...[Read More]

Capcom announces Puzzle Fighter for mobile devices

The sequel to one of the most popular puzzle games of all time comes to mobile in the all new Puzzle Fighter. Developed by Capcom Vancouver from the ground up, the classic arcade puzzle game gets modernized with a new look and new features for free download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game will be coming soon for soft-launch in select countries and a global release is planned for late...[Read More]

Flip Wars Review

Flip Wars is a relatively new eShop title for Switch that puts you in the boots of a character donning one of four colors and your goal is to flip tiles on a board to match your color. A few modes of play are included, and this is clearly meant to be played in local or online multiplayer, but Flip Wars is so flat that it’s hard to recommend. To be blunt, there’s not a lot to Flip Wars....[Read More]

Get Even

Taking a page from the likes of BioShock Infinite, which isn’t a bad idea if you’re introducing a new IP, Get Even begins with the main character, Cole, waking up in a strange situation where a mysterious voice named Red is trying to pry information from Cole’s wicked thieving past. Half illusion, half real, Cole goes through scenario after scenario trying to uncover the reason for his capture and...[Read More]

After the End makes it to Apple TV

This actually looks pretty cool. Enjoy the official info below and the trailer. After the End Forsaken Destiny, the hit 3D puzzle adventure mobile game from Nexon and developer Neople, is now available on the App Store for Apple TV. Nexon’s first Apple TV game, After the End Forsaken Destiny adds a new alternate ending on Apple TV that players can unlock while traveling across the breathtaking, an...[Read More]

Form released on the HTC Vive from Charm Games

Vancouver – June 1, 2017 – Discover the inner dreams, fears and hopes of the human mind as independent video game developer Charm Games today launches psychedelic, virtual reality puzzle game FORM on HTC Vive for $19.99. To celebrate release, FORM is available for a 25 percent discount until June 8th. In addition, FORM will release on Oculus Touch this summer and on PlayStation VR in early 2018. S...[Read More]

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