Prey did something for me no game has in a long time, and that’s make me feel like I was almost back aboard the Von Braun, the starship in System Shock 2. Prey’s story takes place in 2032, aboard a space station that was jointly created by the United States and Russia in the late 20th century. A private company, TranStar, took over the space station decades later after it was abandoned...[Read More]

PREY’s launch trailer is unleashed

Enjoy the official details and trailer below. When you awaken aboard the Talos I space station, you that find you are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. Talos I has been overrun by an alien force, and you must stop the Typhon threat from destroying humanity. As Morgan Yu, and mankind’s last hope, fend off the alien infestation ar...[Read More]

The Prey demo – Opening Hour – goes live today for free

This is a sure sign that the developers have confidence in their product. Always a good sign. Check out the official details below. Talos I has been overrun by an alien force, and it’s up to you to stop the Typhon infestation from destroying humanity as we know it. In order to prepare you for the fight, we’ve released the first hour of Prey for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You are mankind’s...[Read More]

Prey Giveaway and Trailer!

Official details are below! In Prey, the aliens have escaped containment and taken over Talos I, but the game isn’t only about fighting the invasion or an epic journey to figure out who you are and how you’ll save humanity from the Typhon threat – it’s also about the space station itself.  A shining testament to mankind’s unbridled ambitions, Talos I is full of secrets to discover and poses a uniq...[Read More]

Free Prey demo Thursday April 27th!

Prey is getting a free demo on Thursday April 27th! Its a Bethesda game, so it must be good! We’re pleased to announce that a free Prey demo will be available on Thursday, April 27th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The demo will allow fans to board Talos I and play the opening hour before the worldwide launch of the game on May 5th. The Prey Demo: Opening Hour puts you in the role of Morgan Yu, le...[Read More]

Prey video ‘Hardware Labs Research’ released from Bethesda

Check out the new video for Prey. Excited about this. Anyway, enjoy. In Prey, you’re mankind’s last – and only – hope to stop the Typhon threat aboard the Talos I space station from destroying all of humanity. Along with a wide range of human and alien abilities, you’ll have a full arsenal of killer gear, gadgets and weapons to suit your needs as you take on the alien invasion. Check out this newl...[Read More]

Prey To Be Playable At Some Upcoming Fan Events

Bethesda the publisher behind the upcoming Sci-Fi game announced that fans will get an opportunity to play the game before it’s even released at one of its Fan Events. Below is the complete details about the upcoming events. To celebrate the upcoming worldwide release of Prey, we’re excited to announce that ‘The Inspirations of Prey’ – a Sci-Fi Film Fest presented by Bethesda and GameStop in...[Read More]