Thimbleweed Park Thimbleweed Park PS4 Review

Thimbleweed Park surprised me in a multitude of ways. After going without viewing any sort of trailers or reviews of the game, I was almost expecting some sort of 8-bit, point and click X-Files game with an emphasis on the paranormal. While it certainly delivers on that part, what I did not expect was it’s masterful implementation of humor and wit. Throughout my time with Thimbleweed Park, I was c...[Read More]

Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition heading to consoles, act five to PC

I’ve been dying to check this game out. Glad it’s heading to consoles. Enjoy the official details. The fifth and final act of Kentucky Route Zero, a magical realist point and click adventure game developed by Cardboard Computer, is coming to PC in early 2018. To coincide with the PC launch, Annapurna Interactive will publish Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 an...[Read More]

Observer Review

Welcome to 2084; welcome to Poland; welcome to the KPD. You are Daniel Lazarski, voiced by the unmistakable Rutger Hauer. Detective Lazarski is an Observer, those dispatched to look into various crimes in the “Lesser Poland” city of Krakow. What makes this particular group of police different is their authorized use of an investigative measure known as the Dream Eater, a shielded wire ...[Read More]

Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure Review

I feel like I’ve been torturing myself this week with point and click games. When I say ‘torturing’, I mean giving myself a good challenge, not actually hating the experience. My first game I have been tackling this week, which is still in progress, is Full-Throttle Remastered for iOS. It was and has been as difficult as I remember it being from the 90s. With lots of puzzles to figure out and thin...[Read More]

Thimbleweed Park heading to PS4 on August 22nd, Nintendo Switch in September

Old school point and click structure is so nice. Check out the goods below. The Switch version looks solid. Four months into the Thimbleweed Park murder investigation, the oddball residents of this remote town still aren’t too bothered by that dead body pixelating under the bridge. Why not? Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 owners will soon find out! As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, the ...[Read More]

Full Throttle Remastered roars onto PC and PS4/Pro

One of the finest LucasArts games from the 90s. If you don’t pick up this badass game, then you’re officially not a gamer. Seriously, one of the best of the bunch. San Francisco — April 18, 2017 – Full Throttle Remastered, the classic graphic adventure game by Double Fine Productions’ Tim Schafer, is now available and features all new hand-drawn and 3D high-resolution artwork, wi...[Read More]