Super Mario Odyssey

Surprise. Please Note: This is a spoiler-free review, as much as possible.  I mention no hard numbers, no ruinous plot details, and no specifics regarding unlockables or later-game environments in the review.  Please enjoy. The key to remaining relevant in nearly any industry is not simply to evolve, but to find and embrace your core competencies—those defining characteristics which you do best.  ...[Read More]

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Somewhat contrary to how late-80s Capcom used to pump out these games, it’s taken nearly two years since the release of Mega Man Legacy Collection for the next installment to reach us.  The first MMLC was generally pretty well accepted by critics thanks to its faithful emulation of the original jewels that were the retro NES Mega Man titles, and now, on August 8, Capcom looks to make another splas...[Read More]