Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Unless you were a diehard Sega fan back in the day, you’d be forgiven for not remembering Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap when it originally released on the Sega Master System way back in 1987. In fact, it may be surprising to many that The Dragon’s Trap is actually a remake of the third entry in the Wonder Boy series, but arguably the best entry. As soon as it was announced that it was getting a re...[Read More]

Sonic Mania’s Green Hill Zone 2 revealed at PAX 2017 (and more)

This looks solid. Check out the goods below. Burbank, California — March 10, 2017 — Today, SEGA released footage of a new Act, as well as revealing a brand new boss, that will be featured in the upcoming classic 2D platformer Sonic Mania. Green Hill Zone Act 2 presents an all-new area exclusive to Sonic Mania, expanding upon the tropical setting of Act 1, now with new mechanics, obstacles, and sec...[Read More]

Sonic Mania announced for Nintendo Switch, Collector’s Edition info released

Very interested in this. Official details of the release are below. Following the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch™ Presentation, SEGA is delighted to announce today that Sonic Mania will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, Sega will release a very limited North America only Collector’s Edition of Sonic Mania for the Nintendo Switch. The Collector’s Edition is $69.99 in the United...[Read More]

Toby: The Secret Mine heading to Wii U on January 19th

Headup Games announced that Toby: The Secret Mine is going to launch on Wii U™ on January 19. The beautifully handcrafted puzzle platformer stands in the tradition of modern classics like Limbo or Badland. The players need to solve challenging puzzles during their adventure in the dark and mysterious world while mastering the jump’n’run gameplay passages on the fly. Toby: The Secret Mi...[Read More]

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a meditation of trust and patience. The eight year wait after its 2009 unveiling is a conspicuous illustration of this thesis, but a clearer picture develops by persisting through its meticulous operation.  A lingering touch of melancholy and deep suspicions of malevolence—both synonymous with ICO and Shadow of the Colossus—are now complimented by enduring senses of companions...[Read More]


A little indie game that could. When Digitalchumps was contacted from Coatsink about reviewing Shu we honestly didn’t know what to expect with the title. It seemed like a standard platform/runner that could probably be conquered pretty easily within a given day. Thankfully, it was much more than that and it certainly felt like the little game that could. The story of the Shu is simple. There is a ...[Read More]