SEGA unleashes new Infinite Battle footage for Sonic Forces

Cool new footage. Enjoy! Burbank, California — October 17, 2017 — Today, SEGA® released brand new Infinite battle footage from Sonic Forces™, showcasing the Bird Hero Character battling with the Lightning Wispon, and the Cat Hero Character attacking with the Cube Wispon. Players can take advantage of two different Hero Characters’ abilities and Wispons thanks to the “Rental Avatar” Hero Swapping f...[Read More]

Sonic Forces shows off hero character stage and drill wispon

Looks pretty cool. Details and pics are below. Burbank, California — October 3, 2017 — Today, SEGA® released brand new screenshots from Sonic Team’s upcoming game, Sonic Forces™. The screenshots showcase the customizable Hero Character utilizing the newly revealed Drill Wispon to destroy enemies and speed through the Chemical Plant. Wispons are an evolution of the Color Powers from Sonic Colors an...[Read More]

Sonic Forces showcases Casino Forest level in new trailer

Burbank, California — September 26, 2017 — Today, SEGA® released brand new footage from its highly anticipated new Sonic title, Sonic Forces™. The video unveils gameplay of Classic Sonic speeding through Casino Forest, a stage which gives a nod to the iconic Casino Night Zone from previous Sonic games. The brightly lit, colorful stage features pinball-based level designs, complete with bumpers, pi...[Read More]

Sonic Forces digital pre-order available now, add-on content with it

Good stuff for folks that order it via digital (and why wouldn’t you?), check out the goods below. Burbank, California — September 19, 2017 — SEGA® announced today that fans can now pre-order the Digital Bonus Edition of Sonic Forces™ for $39.99 ($54.99 CAD) for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Digital Bonus Edition will also include the previously announced SEGA/ATLUS PACK Add-On, which offe...[Read More]

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition heads to the Switch

That is a game that would be fun for the Switch. Check out the details below. San Francisco, CA — September 12, 2017 — Today, Ubisoft® announced that Rayman® Legends Definitive Edition is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Interested players can get a sneak peek of the latest iteration of the critically acclaimed platformer by checking out the free demo, also available now on the Nintendo eSho...[Read More]

Sonic Mania Flourishes Native Problems as Prolific Solutions

It’s easy to love Sonic Mania. PagodaWest and Headcannon’s take on Sega’s emblematic hedgehog delighted skeptical critics and satiated ravenous fans. The odds of this happening—of Sonic narrowly escaping his cursed cycle—were not tough to bet against. Despite a smattering of dissimilar attempts across a variety of platforms, there wasn’t a Sonic game that nailed it like his...[Read More]

Knack 2 Review

The first Knack launched on the PlayStation 4 back in 2013 and it was a decent title that was geared more towards kids than adults. That’s not a knock on the title, as the PlayStation 4 isn’t breaming with triple AAA titles that you can play with your kids (the younger ones, not the teenagers). That’s not to say there aren’t a handful of indie games out there that would do the trick, but big time ...[Read More]

Sonic Forces adding new content and a music track for your enjoyment

Check out the new video below, as well as the tunes. Enjoy! Burbank, California — August 24, 2017 — Turn up the volume as SEGA® released a brand-new music track from Sonic Forces™, featuring one of Sonic’s most sinister nemeses, Metal Sonic. Created by the evil Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic returns in Sonic Forces with the sole purpose of taking down our beloved blue hedgehog. Check out the latest track...[Read More]

Sonic Mania reveals Chemical Plant Zone

Can’t wait to dig into this when it arrives. Enjoy the info and video, folks. Burbank, California — June 8, 2017 — Take a deep breath and hold on tight, because today SEGA® revealed Chemical Plant via brand new Sonic Mania footage. Unlike Sonic 2’s version of Chemical Plant Zone, the new makeover in Sonic Mania features additional routes, new hazards, and other new surprises plus an entirely...[Read More]

Seasons After Fall

As I write this review I am listening to the soundtrack for Seasons After Fall. I can safely say that this is a rarity. However, such is its beauty it just felt right to do so. Composed by Yann Van Der Cruyssen it is a masterful use of the strings. So intrinsically linked with the game itself, you can almost recount the whole story just by listening. It’s an ongoing discussion in the gaming ...[Read More]

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a quick but fun platformer following the hero of the story named Six. The trailer of the game appears to be a scary game, but mainly revolves around grotesque images of humans throughout the game. Six is a 9-year-old girl who starts out trapped in a cage in an unknown place. Your goal is to escape, at least that is the way it starts out. With so many plot twists along the way ...[Read More]

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Unless you were a diehard Sega fan back in the day, you’d be forgiven for not remembering Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap when it originally released on the Sega Master System way back in 1987. In fact, it may be surprising to many that The Dragon’s Trap is actually a remake of the third entry in the Wonder Boy series, but arguably the best entry. As soon as it was announced that it was getting a re...[Read More]

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