Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

Street Fighter II returns in style and on the game starved Nintendo Switch. Not a lot to hate about this title, though the price is a bit of a concern. I’m an enormous fan of Street Fighter II. I wet my beak on fighting games with SFII when it arrived in arcades in the early 90s and remember spending an entire date (I was lame) playing it in Aladdin’s Castle in Maryland. It was fascinating, engagi...[Read More]

Huey heading to the Nintendo Switch

Another Switch game! Add it to the list. Check out the goods below. 9th May 2017 – London, UK – Huey Games is delighted to announce that its upcoming, highly-anticipated retro-inspired shoot ‘em up HYPER SENTINEL will now release on Nintendo Switch™ alongside PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this summer. Created by indie developer Jonathan Port, HYPER SENTINEL is a Kickstarter success story, h...[Read More]

YouTube personalities battle it out in the Nintendo Switch Rally

Looks like peeps are having fun with the Switch. Enjoy the videos below. Three teams from Smosh Games and Game Grumps raced across Los Angeles to play various Nintendo Switch games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2-Switch, ARMS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to see who could earn the most points and be crowned … THE NINTENDO SWITCH RALLY CHAMPION! The teams not only played Nintendo ...[Read More]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Review Addendum / Companion Article

There is so much to cover about a game as deep as Breath of the Wild that it’s nearly impossible to fit it all into one cohesive review.  As a result of that, I’ve prepared a companion article with even more specificity (but still with careful attention to spoilers) to address some of the myths and misconceptions about Zelda, as well as my response to some of the more common criticisms. Before we ...[Read More]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I think you are now ready… ready to hear what happened two weeks ago. Dear impatient optimists, dear pragmatic skeptics, dear dedicated detractors… I choose to begin this review in perhaps the most declarative and divisive way possible, so buckle up for some hyperbolic blasphemy: Enchanting.  Sprawling.  Overwhelming.  Groundbreaking.  Mind-blowing. Masterpiece. You see, whether or not you can pos...[Read More]

Rogue Trooper Redux heading to the Nintendo Switch (and other platforms)

The most feared soldier on Nu Earth is back in business! ROGUE TROOPER REDUX will bring 2000 AD®’s blue-skinned GI to Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC. In 2006, the original ROGUE TROOPER set the benchmark for video game adaptations of comic books. Developed by Rebellion®, the studio behind Sniper Elite 4 and owners of British comic book powerhouse 2000 AD®, it was widely acc...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch – Our Full Preview

Buckle up while we take you through an exhaustive tour of the new Nintendo Switch in pictures and videos! We might not be a gargantuan news outlet here at DigitalChumps, but we’ve been doing this game journalism stuff for many years now (15+ for all of our Senior Editors), and I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s not common that we’re as intrigued and excited about a product launch as...[Read More]

I Am Setsuna heading to Nintendo Switch

Another good game for the system. Check out the details below. LOS ANGELES (Jan. 23, 2017) — Nintendo Switch™ players will soon enjoy the unforgettable and heartfelt story of I AM SETSUNA™, the debut title from Tokyo RPG Factory™, SQUARE ENIX®’s newest studio. It will be available as a digital day one launch title, and will include exclusive new features such as the “Temporal Battle Arena,” ...[Read More]

Sonic Mania announced for Nintendo Switch, Collector’s Edition info released

Very interested in this. Official details of the release are below. Following the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch™ Presentation, SEGA is delighted to announce today that Sonic Mania will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, Sega will release a very limited North America only Collector’s Edition of Sonic Mania for the Nintendo Switch. The Collector’s Edition is $69.99 in the United...[Read More]

Syberia 3 to make its way to the Nintendo Switch

This looks intriguing. Check out the official details below. Paris, January 13, 2017 – Microïds is proud to announce the development of Syberia 3, the upcoming game of Benoit Sokal, on the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch. The release date of Syberia 3 on Nintendo Switch will be announced soon. “We can’t wait to see Syberia fans discover Kate Walker’s new adventure on Nintendo Switch.” said Elli...[Read More]

PowerA to provide grip, power options and screen protection for Nintendo Switch gamers

These seem like they will be a necessity. Enjoy the official details below. Woodinville WA – January 12, 2017- In conjunction with the Nintendo Switch announcement this evening, PowerA today announced the unveiling of four new officially licensed accessories that will be available at launch in March alongside the upcoming console. As a chosen partner, PowerA has a long history of creating qu...[Read More]

FIFA kicking its way to the Nintendo Switch

I wish I knew more soccer/futbol references, then I could be wittier. Anyway, check out the official announcement below. Today at a Nintendo event in Tokyo, Patrick Söderlund announced that EA SPORTS FIFA will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. To take you behind-the-scenes into the event we have included a full transcript from today’s announcement: It’s a huge honor and privilege to be here today ...[Read More]

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