Namco Museum Review

I’m an enormous old school arcade fan. Having been born in 1976 and raised in the 80s by a nerdy father and mother, whom trusted arcades as babysitters, anytime Namco comes out with their museum collection I’m always game (pun intended). On top of this, I teach a video game history course at the University of Kentucky (it’s a real course at a real university) and it just adds more fuel to the teac...[Read More]

Bandai Namco Entertainment releases new trailer for Namco Museum

So excited to see this on the Switch. Anytime I can play Namco classics on that go, I’m happy. Check out the new trailer and details below. In anticipation of tomorrow’s launch of NAMCO MUSEUM on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch™, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. has released a new trailer highlighting the various classic Namco arcade titles available in the game as well as the ...[Read More]

Bandai Namco Entertainment announces Namco Museum for the Switch

I honestly have never been more excited for a Nintendo Switch release. To play these on the go would be incredible. The kids would never see anything but Galaga and Dig Dug on that system. Anyway, official release details are below. SANTA CLARA, Calif., (April 12, 2017) – Leading interactive entertainment developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announces NAMCO M...[Read More]