Destiny 2’s Competitive Multiplayer Experience video released

Rarely do I cheese out on videos, as we get so many for various games, but consider me incredibly super stoked for Destiny 2’s MP experience. Enjoy the video below. Destiny 2 gives players a host of new 4v4 modes and maps for the ultimate competitive multiplayer experience. Whether you’re conquering the zones in ‘Control’, fighting to attack or defend a detonation in ‘Countdown’, or outlasti...[Read More]

Destiny 2 gets on Rockstar and Pop-Tarts

Bungie and Activision know how to tug on the heartstrings of gamers. I won’t lie, folks, I could dig these. Check out the official announcement below. SANTA MONICA, Calif. – August 7, 2017 – Bungie and Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), announced Destiny 2’s 2017 partnerships with global brand, Rockstar Energy Drink, as well as...[Read More]

Trion set to Twitch stream details of Trove Eclipse Expansion

Will have to check this expansion out. Until then, enjoy the details. Tune in to Trion Worlds’ Trove Eclipse livestream series every Friday at 12:30 PM PT, August 4 through August 22. Each episode will showcase the new features coming to Trove in the Eclipse update, the game’s first major expansion to launch simultaneously on all platforms. The upcoming livestream schedule and topics follow below:...[Read More]

Foxhole hits Early Access on Steam

The trailer definitely makes me want to try it out. Check out the official early access details below. Toronto – July 27, 2017 – Experience an expansive world at war in the action game Foxhole from independent developer Clapfoot. Launching today into Early Access on Steam (PC only) for $19.99, Foxhole is a massively multiplayer online game where hundreds of players work together to shape the outco...[Read More]

Black Desert Online Review

My first moments of Black Desert Online went pretty much like this: “Quests are delivered, how? Oh, there we go.” “How do I swing my sword? Oh, I guess that makes sense.” “Man, if I ever get into PVP, I’m going to get destroyed because I can’t learn these combos.” “What if I tried a different cla—oh wait, this one is complicated too.” Black Desert Online bills itself as the “next generation MMORPG...[Read More]

Activision announces E3 2017 line-up

Solid stuff. Check out the goods below. SANTA MONICA, Calif.—June 8, 2017 – Activision is set to kick off this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with global debuts from the industry’s leading franchises. Beginning Tuesday, June 13, at the LA Convention Center, attendees will experience the first gameplay premiere of Call of Duty®: WWII multiplayer, the new character-driven story and activi...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (Preview)

I appreciated The Elder Scrolls Online when it was launched a few years back. It was an ambitious project that snagged the hearts of Elder Scrolls fans and provided a notion that a player could have an endless amount of ES experiences. That concept was intriguing. Fast forward over a few years and some gamers have been divided about their ESO experiences. Some have felt like it came up short in em...[Read More]

Destiny 2 announced and more to come…

The video for this is hilarious. Enjoy and get excited, folks. I know I am. Santa Monica, CA – March 30, 2017 – Bungie and Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), announced Destiny 2, the sequel to the internationally acclaimed Destiny, a first-person action game that takes the player on an epic journey to defend humanity from...[Read More]

Bungie doing another livestream for Destiny: Age of Triumph

This Age of Triumph update looks to be energizing for Destiny. Hope it pans out okay. Enjoy the official details down below. Tune in this Wednesday, March 22nd, at 10 a.m. Pacific for the last livestream celebrating Age of Triumph, the final live update of the Destiny 1 era content launching March 28th. This week’s livestream, “Sandbox Update,” will feature Bungie’s 3D Char...[Read More]

War Thunder update brings ‘Assault’

Good update for a good game. Check out the official details below. March 16, 2017 – Gaijin Entertainment today announced the release of their latest major update 1.67 ‘Assault!’ for its military MMOG War Thunder. The update introduces almost twenty new vehicles including Japanese tanks and three new battle locations bringing the total number of maps to more than 80 available in the game. A new coo...[Read More] releases info for Tanks Reloaded, expansion to Armored Warfare

Pretty cool details. The entire description of the expansion can be found here. Otherwise, enjoy the nice official details below. Developer and global publisher unveil more information about the next expansion to Free-to-Play Tank MMO Armored Warfare – Tanks Reloaded. Tanks Reloaded, the expansion formerly known as update 0.19, expands upon the game’s genre defining mode Global Operat...[Read More]

Serath arrives in Paragon

Today, Epic Games has released a new Hero for it’s free-to-play MOBA, Paragon. Serath is a melee carry that balances her light and dark sides to defeat her competition. Serath can be seen in action in this new overview video (below) released by Epic Games today. Serath (Order, Corruption) is a carry with a unique twist: she fights in melee range. Utilizing each ability in her kit, she’s able...[Read More]

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