Summary: Life for Jackie Kennedy was never the same after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. This film takes a look at the First Lady from that horrific day forward. Description: There’s something unique about bio-pics in cinema. The fact that the story being told is real adds more intrigue and suspense to the experience. These events happened to actual people, and continues to...[Read More]

Jackie headed to DigitalHD on February 21st, Blu-ray in March

Didn’t get a chance to see this in the theater, but definitely going to see it on Blu-ray next month. Movie release details are below. OSCAR® Winner Natalie Portman (Best Actress, Black Swan, 2011) leads an acclaimed cast in this powerfully stirring drama as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. As she grapples with unimaginable grief and trauma following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, ...[Read More]