Get Even

Taking a page from the likes of BioShock Infinite, which isn’t a bad idea if you’re introducing a new IP, Get Even begins with the main character, Cole, waking up in a strange situation where a mysterious voice named Red is trying to pry information from Cole’s wicked thieving past. Half illusion, half real, Cole goes through scenario after scenario trying to uncover the reason for his capture and...[Read More]

Composer Olivier Derivière heads up interactive music in Get Even

For more than a decade, IFMCA award-winning composer Olivier Derivière (Remember Me, Assassin’s Creed IV Freedom Cry) has been scoring music for animation, films, and video games and is widely acclaimed for both his composition and innovative approaches to connecting music with the game experience. Hailed by MTV as “Game Music’s Eclectic Daredevil,” Olivier Derivière’s latest work can be see...[Read More]