Summary: The Baywatch team is in need of three new recruits in this over-the-top dramedy featuring killer-bods, espionage and more drama than you’d expect. Description: The classic television series known as Baywatch was filled with iconic actors, amazing physiques, dramatic life-saving events, and all sorts of controversy. Most folks wouldn’t think twice about the prowess required to ...[Read More]

The Fate of the Furious [4K +HDR]

In the Eighth chapter of the Furious franchise, Dom breaks his code on family and decides to go rouge! Find out why in this adrenaline-pumping action film that’s filled with more high-octane vehicles than ever before. Description: I’ve been a fan of The Fast and The Furious franchise since the first film. It was a monumental step for the tuner-car generation that laid out the asphalt [...[Read More]