Limited edition The Godfather 4-Disc set heading home in November

This looks incredibly snazzy. Check out the details below. Celebrating its 45th anniversary, director Francis Ford Coppola’s THE GODFATHER is widely considered one of the most influential films in cinematic history. Now the entire epic trilogy will be available on Blu-ray™ in a spectacular 4-disc Omertà Edition, which includes the Coppola Restoration of THE GODFATHER and THE GODFATHER, PART II, as...[Read More]

The Godfather – 45th Anniversary Edition

45 years old and still young. The first film of the two films, which wore down director Francis Ford Coppola, studies the transformation of an innocent son that is systematically transformed through a series of violent events into a mafia leader despite his desire to stay out of the ‘family business’. On the outside that is what the story is about before you add the delicate plot points to get sai...[Read More]

Finding a way to beat “Beat Cop”

  “Beat Cop” in essence is synth wave culture packaged into a grimy, blood-soaked adventure. In the opening sequence, the game is prefaced by a paragraph that sums up what is to unfold. When I first started the game I was immediately compelled to read every line out loud for my own amusement. The dialogue is arguably the most immersive part. The pacing at times feels a little slow...[Read More]