Drawn Together – The Complete Collection

What happens when you put eight animated characters from different cartoons in the same house? Total chaos. Drawn Together is an animated TV “Reality,” parodying famous cringe-worth reality shows such as Big Brother or Jersey Shore. Living together in the house, the cast’s interactions with one another lead to some of the weirdest, most disgusting, messed-up, yet, hilarious content on television. ...[Read More]

South Park: The Complete Twentieth Season

Attempting to “member” twenty years worth of anything is a tall task, irrespective of its significance and impact. As I’ve attested in past SP reviews, this show has been a favorite of mine since its debut. Even still, the practice of recalling each year’s group of chapters individually and in proper order is a personal act in futility. Sure, off the top of my head I recall...[Read More]

Drunk History: Season 4

Comedy Central’s Drunk History has definitely come back with its liquor induced history lessons with season 4 of drunk history to DVD. The Drunk History Complete Season 4 DVD includes all nine episodes for the season, as well as some extra features and goodies added to the DVD package. Derek Waters returns as host along with many special guest who narrate each episode. Of course everyone is ...[Read More]