TROVE set to get a HUGE update for PS4/XB1 on June 27

That is a nice update. Going to have to pick it up again after getting through E3. Official details of the update are below. On June 27, Jurassic Era dwellers stampede their way into Trion Worlds’ epic block-building adventure Trove on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One with the release of the game’s first major update on consoles. The Megalithic Update adds hours of new content with the Dino Tamer class...[Read More]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dead Again In Tombstone arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand on September 12!

Universal City, California, June 20, 2017 – Danny Trejo is back as the infamous gang leader Guerrero de la Cruz in the all-new action packed adventure Dead Again in Tombstone, debuting on Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand on September 12, 2017 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. This most recent installment takes place in the post-Civil War American West and finds Guerrero going head...[Read More]

CRASS Studio Introduces New Game Called Heavily Armed!

Check out the story-line and some screenshots for Crass Studio’s game Heavily Armed! In the year 2043, advancements in cybernetic augmentation and human cloning have changed the world. Awakening inside a prison, you have no memory of who you are or how you got there. Reborn as a cyborg, but haunted by memories of a human past. In your search for answers, explore a decadent and corrupt city r...[Read More]

Beauty and the Beast

Hmm, I didn’t think the live-action version of this film would go so smoothly. The story of Beauty and the Beast hasn’t changed since its arrival in 1991 in half-animated/half-digital form. The story of a cursed prince that is saved (twice) by a Disney princess is a timeless classic that announced the re-arrival of Disney on the animated scene that was previously hurting in the 80s. Disney was in ...[Read More]

Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season Two heading to Blu-ray/DVD in August

That show is so good. Glad it’s on STARZ, which means it’s less tame. Anyway, enjoy the official details below of the second season release. SANTA MONICA, CA (June 12, 2017) – Evil just can’t catch a break as the hilarious, critically acclaimed horror series “Ash vs Evil Dead”: Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD August 22 from Lionsgate. Locked and loaded with the sa...[Read More]

Double Fine announces physical release of Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Cool stuff for a good game. Enjoy the official details below. San Francisco — June 9, 2017 — Fans of Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, the first-person mind-bending VR adventure puzzle game from the award-winning independent game development studio, Double Fine Productions, can purchase a physical edition of the game for PlayStation VR starting today from GameStop or pre order from Amazon for a ...[Read More]

Activision announces E3 2017 line-up

Solid stuff. Check out the goods below. SANTA MONICA, Calif.—June 8, 2017 – Activision is set to kick off this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with global debuts from the industry’s leading franchises. Beginning Tuesday, June 13, at the LA Convention Center, attendees will experience the first gameplay premiere of Call of Duty®: WWII multiplayer, the new character-driven story and activi...[Read More]

A Hat in Time reading to debut at E3 Week Mix 2017

I like the name of this game and the level name. Check out the official details below. COPENHAGEN, June 8th, 2017 – It’s a bird, no wait it’s a train, no really it’s Murder on the Owl Express! Gears for Breakfast, the Denmark-based developer behind one of the largest Kickstarter-funded indie 3D platformer, A Hat in Time, is proud to be bringing the adorable adventures of Hat Kid to E3 this year vi...[Read More]

Sonic Mania reveals Chemical Plant Zone

Can’t wait to dig into this when it arrives. Enjoy the info and video, folks. Burbank, California — June 8, 2017 — Take a deep breath and hold on tight, because today SEGA® revealed Chemical Plant via brand new Sonic Mania footage. Unlike Sonic 2’s version of Chemical Plant Zone, the new makeover in Sonic Mania features additional routes, new hazards, and other new surprises plus an entirely...[Read More]

World of One launches on Steam

This looks like a solid, yet creepy title. Check it out, good folks. It’s certainly inexpensive enough to take a chance on. Official release details are below. LOS ANGELES, Calif. — June 8, 2017 — The Grimwood Team are pleased to announce the release of their debut title, a dark and atmospheric puzzle-platformer game called World of One on PC, Mac, and Linux. Budding survivalists can pit the...[Read More]

EVE: Valkyrie digital download gets price drop

Get that VR headset out and get ready to fly. Official details below. June 7, 2017 – CCP Games are excited to announce that from today, the digital download edition of EVE: Valkyrie™ – the virtual reality space combat shooter set in the EVE universe – will be available to purchase for $39.99/£29.99/€39.99, a 33% reduction from the game’s original suggested retail price (SRP...[Read More]

Phoenix Labs releases new Dauntless trailer

Today, Phoenix Labs released a new trailer for their upcoming online co-op action RPG, Dauntless. The new trailer takes a deeper dive into combat, progression, and how Slayers survive against the ferocious Behemoths in the game. This new trailer features a brand new Behemoth Skraev for the first time. Skraev thrives in colder climates and wields deadly frost attacks. While he may bear a resemblanc...[Read More]

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