Bleach: Season One

Bleach is a rapidly growing favorite amongst many anime fans in America. It is hard to go to any convention and not hear about this. Honestly, I was p...[Read More]


As I started to write these reviews, I realized that there is an increasing amount of anime’s that take place in space, where human-kind has abandoned...[Read More]

Ghost Stories: Semester One – Freshman Frights

ADV is a huge distributor in Japan, and they tend to have action packed flicks…this one is a bit different. You will really be taken aback by what you...[Read More]

Glass Fleet – Volume One

I have yet to see many of the anime’s that I would like to see, but of the few that I have seen, I am very pleased. Most of the ones I watch take plac...[Read More]


I take a great interest in any product from Japan, so I was eager to write reviews for fresh anime coming into the U.S. I tend to only watch an anime ...[Read More]

Prince of Tennis

Of the anime that I have seen, this was a little different. In most of the anime that I’ve seen there was some sort of fighting going on. I can’t rea...[Read More]