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Written by Paul Ross     September 05, 2012    
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One thing that distinguishes an amateur from a professional is having the right tools for the job. The problem is that sometimes on location shooting making carrying around all that gear very cumbersome. The X-Drop photographic backdrop by FJ Westcott is a great light weight photo backdrop system which can save you money, and a lot of back pain!

Sure you're good enough with Photoshop that you can convincingly place any model in front of any backdrop... but why waste all that time in post if you can just shoot your subject in front of a good looking backdrop to start with?

As great as digital tech is, you can't replace a few quality backdrops as an essential part of your photo kit. The problem with a lot of backdrops is that they are heavy, require complicated and sometimes permanent mounts and they can be very costly. Then, there is the X-Drop.

The X-Drop is a simple 5'x7' backdrop system that weighs under 3 lbs. You only need one frame, as you can interchange the backdrops on the X-Drop frame. X-Drop comes in a durable travel case which can house up to three backdrops with the frame (so you can have the essential black, white and grey combo in the trunk of your car at all times!)

Now you can have a professional backdrop at any location. Setup was very easy, I had it out of the box and up in my living room in less than 5 minutes, and I didn't bother reading the directions...because I'm a man, and that's what we do. X-Drop has telescoping arms and snaps together without tools so you don't have too much setup work before you get to your shoot.

FJWestcott sent over the Mist backdrop for my review, and the material was very durable and looked great. Last I checked, there were nine different backdrops that were compatible with the X-Drop: Black, White, Green Screen, Eminence, Mist, Quarry, Saffron, Serenity and Slate. They have pretty much all your standard colors covered, so whether you're doing some on location senior portraits or some currently very fashionable baby photography. Speaking of babies, another great feature of X-Drop is that it's machine washable. If you've worked much with that demographic that's surely a feature you can appreciate.

The Final Verdict

X-Drop is a great low-cost backdrop system. Choose one kit and a few additional backdrops and you're set for on location portraits or you have a good low-cost home studio startup. I'd love to get my hands on the whole set!

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Paul Ross Reviewed by Paul Ross September 05, 2012
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Great lightweight inexpensive kit


Great design, I'd like to see more backdrops available for this kit.
Works perfectly!
Not a bad price for the whole kit, the backdrops themselves could be a little lower priced
I like this kit, I'd love to own one!
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