Latest Games

Ghost Blade HD

Hucast is finally bringing their talents to 21st century hardware. You could be forgiven for being unacquainted with Hucast’s work. DUX, Redux: ...[Read More]

NieR: Automata

Nier was a demanding and ambitious game undermined by the reality that it wasn’t much fun to sit down and play. Seven years later, Nier: Automat...[Read More]


When Minecraft meets an MMO structure you get Trove. Trove is an interesting concept. It takes all the great building and crafting of a Minecraft game...[Read More]

Just Dance 2017

As one gets older, it’s tougher to be hip. It’s easier to hurt one’s hip, but it’s tougher to BE hip. Not even sure ‘hip’ is a thing now. Doesn’t matt...[Read More]


It seems like rally racing in videogames seems to be gaining in popularity. I’m not sure that the sport as a whole is, but there are now at leas...[Read More]

I Am Setsuna

Last July, Tokyo RPG Factory released their debut JRPG on the PS4 and PC with I Am Setsuna. I missed out on it back then, but was pleased to get a sec...[Read More]

Latest Movies

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Super Shredder

My younger self is pleased to see that the Ninja Turtles are still culturally relevant for today’s youth. They were a big deal in my own youth i...[Read More]

Moana (Blu-ray and DVD)

With the release of Moana on Blu-ray and DVD this week, let’s take a look at the plot, the quality of the release, and the many (many) bonus features ...[Read More]

Rules Don’t Apply

“It’s Hollywood, 1958. An aspiring young actress, songwriter, beauty queen and devout Baptist virgin, Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins), and her young, ambi...[Read More]

RoboCop 3

“He’s Back… To Lay Down the Law! It’s Megacop vs. Megacorp when Detroit’s cyborg crime-fighter hits the streets to protect the innoc...[Read More]

RoboCop 2

“RoboCop returns to fight his toughest opponent yet: his replacement! RoboCop 2 pits two unstoppable cyborgs against each other in a battle to the dea...[Read More]


DreamWorks Official Description: “The colorful, richly textured Troll Village is full of optimistic Trolls, who are always ready to sing, dance and pa...[Read More]

Latest News

Razer launches Razer Blade Pro

Very sharp Razer™, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, today announced the new Razer Blad...[Read More]

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII expansion pack released

Kingdom love triangle March 28, 2017 – KOEI TECMO America today announced the upcoming western relea...[Read More]

Warframe hits a record amount of Concurrent Players with newest update

A NEW RECORD Following last week’s monster update, Digital Extremes, creators of the cooperati...[Read More]

Star Conflict trading system announced with an April Fools day event

Can’t the stars just get along? StarGem Inc.and Gaijin Entertainment have announced today they...[Read More]

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 2 (March 28th, 2017)

Enjoy it, you fine folks. Enjoy it.

Valkyria Revolution Will Launch In North American June 27

Valkyria Revolution will be available in the Americas on June 27 and Europe on June 30! The game wil...[Read More]

HBO’s Big Little Lies Music Available March 31

HBO has announced that ABKCO will release Big Little Lies music on March 31. ABKCO Records will digi...[Read More]

Prey To Be Playable At Some Upcoming Fan Events

Bethesda the publisher behind the upcoming Sci-Fi game announced that fans will get an opportunity t...[Read More]