Latest Games

Romancing SaGa 2

Old school RPGs can be surprising sometimes, especially when the genre is shifting into an action/RPG mentality and away from turn-based style of play...[Read More]

Resident Evil 7: biohazard – End of Zoe

The close of Resident Evil 7’s second act challenged the player with an important choice; do you choose to rescue Mia (your wife) or Zoe (the sa...[Read More]

Resident Evil 7: biohazard – Not A Hero

Not A Hero occupies a reality where Resident Evil 7 disposed of the things people liked about Resident Evil 7. Gone are the games of cat and mouse, th...[Read More]

A Hat in Time (PS4)

3D platformers feel bound to a specific place and time. Identified in earnest by Super Mario 64 and plunged into oblivion by Banjo Tooie, the genre ha...[Read More]


Behind the eyes of its characters, Gorogoa is a wistful reflection of untaught imagination, the erosion of possibility, and the recovery of passion. F...[Read More]

Gang Beasts

Melt down an action figure to its primordial goo. Shape the wreckage into an anthropomorphic body, and somehow keep the limited points of articulation...[Read More]

Latest Movies

Battle of the Sexes

“Emma Stone and Steve Carell bring their A game to this crowd-pleaser based on the electrifying true story of the 1973 tennis match between women’s ch...[Read More]

Doc Hollywood (Blu-ray)

Yes, Doc Hollywood. If you’re thinking, “Wait, isn’t that a comedy from the 90s?” you would be correct. Or maybe you haven’t seen or even heard about ...[Read More]

Inception [4K + HDR]

Delve deep into the minds of some of the world’s most powerful people in this wild and twisted story of a dream within a dream. Inception is a c...[Read More]

Blade Runner 2049 (4K)

Thirty-five years later and the sequel is more perfect (it’s possible) than the first film. Official Synopsis Three decades after the events of the fi...[Read More]

The Dark Knight Rises [4K + HDR]

Years have passed since Batman took the fall for Harvey Dent’s death. It was a tumble he’d never fully recover from. This void left Gotham...[Read More]


“Stephen King’s horror masterpiece comes to life for a new generation. In Derry, Maine, seven young friends unite against a terrifying supernatural cr...[Read More]

Latest News

HI! Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Challenge for Nintendo DS launched!


The Day the Earth Stood Still: Special Edition landing on earth December 2nd

CENTURY CITY, Calif. – The fate of the world hangs in the balance when a mysterious alien and his ro...[Read More]

Buzz! Quiz TV – Bundle

There's nothing quite like a good family trivia game.  These types of games are so sparse in the vid...[Read More]

King’s Bounty: The Legend

A Brief HistoryIf you know anything about strategy PC games you may have heard of a series called He...[Read More]

Indy whipping his way to DVD and Blu-ray on October 14th

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – The highest-grossing installment of the phenomenally popular adventure franc...[Read More]


In 2003, Ang Lee directed Hulk, a film about the big green machine in the Marvel universe. The film ...[Read More]

Mega Man 9

You laughed at its box art; now prepare to suffer its revenge.

Singstar Pop Volume two bringing the pop to pop

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today the release of SingStar® Pop vol. 2, the follow-...[Read More]