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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Until fairly recently, the developers of the Final Fantasy series chose to eschew sequels, opting in...[Read More]


Could the HD version of Transformers best the regular DVD in story and special features?You’ll have ...[Read More]

Top Gun

That’s right readers! I am dangerous…Highway to the danger zone… oh, boyMaverick is a great fighter ...[Read More]

Shrek the Third

The first was great, the second was okay, could the third follow the downward trend?Let’s find out!I...[Read More]

A Clockwork Orange

How many women have seen Clockwork Orange?The same amount that refuse to see it again.Seriously, it’...[Read More]


Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macey all came together for a recent Touch...[Read More]

The Untouchables

I hadn’t seen The Untouchables before it came in for review on Blu-ray from Paramount. With an all s...[Read More]

The Lookout

When The Lookout came across my desk for review, I honestly hadn’t heard of the movie before, so I h...[Read More]