Overdrive (2017)

Overdrive (2017)
Overdrive (2017)
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If you are looking for a Fast and the Furious film without the same characters each time and a bit more of an actual plot, Overdrive is the perfect movie! Ironically, the movie is made from the writers of 2 Fast 2 Furious and Taken. Overdrive is an action packed film full of adventure and many adrenaline rushes starring Scott Eastwood, the son of the famous Clint Eastwood. Overdrive is about two brothers, Andrew (Scott Eastwood) and Garrett (Freddie Thorp) who are legendary car thieves that find themselves in deep trouble after guaranteeing a prized Ferrari to a huge crime boss in return for their own freedom. Along the way, the brothers create a team to help them strategize their way to the ultimate goal of mercy.

This movie had me on edge from the very start. I was extremely entertained and almost nervous at every move the characters made. I am actually not well informed about the details a specific car has to offer so I was expecting to be a bit confused and bored. However, Overdrive had me intrigued the entire time with many adrenaline rushes. I was at the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie because of the many action scenes of the brothers stealing cars and even the slight fight scenes.

I immediately compared this movie to the Fast and the Furious series. The whole plot about stealing cars was the exact same concept from the series. However, I liked Overdrive a little more because it was something new and was refreshing to see new characters. The Fast and Furious tends to build their first movie plot into each new movie and constantly refers to events in the previous films for each new one. This gets old to me which is the reason I have not viewed the last three movies from the franchise.

The only flaws I witnessed in Overdrive was a bit of the dialogue. It was the “superhero” “underdog” speeches throughout the movie. This was a little corny and a bit unnecessary but I guess the writers wanted the audience to build an emotional connection with Andrew and Garrett. Also, the typical love factor between Andrew and his girlfriend, along with Garrett and Devin (Gaia Weiss), was unnecessary and I did not really care for it. However, if this was not included in the movie, the entire film would not last that long.

This Blu-ray DVD consists of a disc along with a digital copy on the Paramount website. The digital copy is also available on iTunes which is pretty convenient considering the amount of people with an Apple account. The special features on the DVD include bonus footage, interviews with the cast and crew, and more information about the luxury cars. The digital copy is accessible to download on smartphones, tablets, computers, and tv with English and Spanish subtitles with 93 minutes of content.

I recommend Overdrive to adrenaline junkies and action film lovers. The violence may be a little much so I recommend it to those that fit the PG-13 rating. There was not much blood or too many graphic scenes so it should be fine for young teens interested. I also recommend this to those obsessed with cars and who are thrill seekers.