Mind Blown (2016)

Mind Blown (2016)
Mind Blown (2016)
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Mind Blown is a sci-fi action film about a secret telekinetic group of young men and women performing experiments for military purposes. The team believes they are using their powers for humanitarian purposes only to find out they are summoned to destroy cities across California. One specific member, Jennifer (Jessica Uberuaga), is the head leader of the group and decided to go against the team to save society. Her mission is to work with her telekinetic match, Adam (Michael Marinaccio) to take down the devious military program and save the cities affected.

This film was so B-rated, it was almost hard to watch. It was the typical hot Tomb Raider girl that saves the world. The plot was pretty predictable and consisted of dialogue that the actors forced as if they were reading their script word for word.

The special effects in the movie were also pretty disappointing. They were great if a college student created it as their final project for their film class. However, as an actual movie on DVD, it was cringe worthy and could have been a part of the corny Syfy trilogy, Sharknado. As a sci-fi film, I expected everything to look so real and almost three dimensional. Instead, we got Jennifer and Adam holding up a thin layer of a forcefield to their face to block out attacks that looked cheap. Although, the colors used to create these special effects consisted of very bright blues and whites that actually caught my eye. Also, the explosions were my favorite part because in some scenes they used real smoke.

I appreciate the effort for the plot: a tough girl defeats the bad guy to save the world and become a hero. However, it was executed poorly especially because of the predictability of her romance with Adam. That was just another moment where I rolled my eyes and thought to myself “of course this is going to happen”.

One of the final fight scenes between Adam and the man who wanted Jennifer, Rick (Albert Kong) was a bit corny. I felt as if I were watching a bad Dragonball Z remake. It was unnecessary and dragged the movie out longer than it needed to be.

I would have liked to see a huge plot twist whether it be Jennifer does not succeed or somehow she becomes a traitor. I think I anticipated so much more because of the cover of the DVD. It looks pretty intense in regards to the graphics. Also, the brief summary of the film seemed extremely entertaining. Technology has advanced so much so for a film that was released in 2016, it was disappointing to see such lackluster quality.

I also think this production company is the overall production company is to blame for such low quality. There were two movie previews from the same production company before the actual film began and they both had similar concepts to Mindblow. From what I could see, the graphics were the same, cheap and low budget. In their defense, it is an accomplishment to have an array of movies for any film company. Hopefully in the near future, they take the initiative to produce quality films that more people will enjoy.

I will state that the sound effects were pretty great. The movie may have been more tolerable if I watched it with surround sound as if I were at an actual movie theater. Unfortunately, I would request a refund and hope they do not make a sequel.

The DVD’s main menu includes language options such as English or Spanish subtitles. There is also a “scenes selection” category with up to 12 options to choose from.

I would recommend this Mind Blown to young boys with huge imaginations who enjoy action such as fight scenes, magic, and explosives. The film was not gory at all so it was more appropriate for their viewing. However, the vulgar language may be an issue for a parent purchasing the DVD. The entire movie is also available on YouTube so it is extremely convenient due to its free of charge.