Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko & Hatchin

The Japanese animated televison series “Michiko & Hatchin” takes places in a fictional country that resembles cultural characteristics of South American regions.

The Story
Recently released from prison, the criminal Michiko (Yoko Maki) rescues her apparent daughter Hanna (Suzuka Ohgo) – nicknamed Hatchin —  from her foster family’s unimaginable abuse. The two main characters are completely opposite, but find a common ground in their fate connected through a man from their respective pasts. The two are on the run from the police, as well as the abusive foster parents, and have to band together to find this mysterious man from their pasts, and eventually freedom.

Michiko is a spontaneous, sensual diva who recently escaped from prison that was suppose to be known as somewhat of a maximum security prison, which she has escaped four times. She is an independent spirit that has made a vow to Hanna to always protect her and help find her long lost father.

Hatchin is indecisive in making decisions, but wants to make formal decision even after having to deal with an abusive foster family through the early stages of childhood. She was abused by both parents and by their two children. Hatchin had a tough time trusting in Michiko at the beginning, but after came together when they discovered they shared the same tattoo on their stomach. Hanna plays the moral character, a voice of reason between the pair.

Now the unseen star of the show is Hiroshi, who is Michiko’s past love. Even though Hiroshi is proclaimed dead Michiko believes with all her heart that he is still alive. He shares the same tattoo as Michiko and Hanna, except that its on his shoulder as opposed to his stomach. Hanna finally finds him towards the end of the series.

In addition to Hiroshi, the audience will be introduced to a character named Satoshi Batista, an old friend of Hiroshi since childhood. Hiroshi saved his life while Satoshi was making an attempt to overthrow a gang called the “Monster Preto” while Michiko was in prison. Satoshi is as bad as they come, someone who shows little mercy in murder. Satoshi’s involvement in the story is his determination to find Hiroshi as well, feeling he betrayed his friendship by leaving. Satoshi hates Michiko because he feels she is the reason behind Hiroshi’s disappearance.


Michiko & Hatchin is a hilarious television series, as well as a subtle drama. One outstanding factor that I found appreciation in was the music. The opening theme and ending theme fit very well with the overall theme of the show. Now the overall story has its strong points with the clash of viewpoints of the pair is very humorous to watch. The way Michiko uses that incredible mo-ped to evade the cops is hilarious. There are countless amounts of chances in the series and everyone of them involves Hatchin getting lost along the way and the obstacles Michiko faces while on the run is full of suspence. The character Satoshi is the one who really makes the show interesting to me because he has no remorse when it comes to killing or making a statement. The television series is structured very well and the show should be endorsed by a cigarette company as many times characters pull out boxes and even whole cartons or cigarettes. I advise anyone interested in the concept to seriously considering witnessing the show its very adult orientated and really great television theme.