LIT review

LIT review
LIT review
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In LIT, the player takes control of Jake, a teenager who is searching for his girlfriend, Rachel. Jake must travel through darkened rooms and literally light his way to the next obstacle as he makes his way towards Rachel.

The puzzles the player faces has Jake collect different items such as rocks for his slingshot, lightbulbs for lamps and, remotes to turn on televisions. Using these items causes light to pour into the room and give the player more freedom of movement as they attempt to make their way to the exit door to reach the next puzzles. The player is timed on how long it takes them to complete each puzzle. There is no time limit as to how long the player has, but there is a goal time that the game establishes for players. If the player is able to beat the goal time, the game will reward the player with extra points that will increase their high score for that specific room.

Each new puzzle becomes more difficult than the last, players will likely find themselves stumped as they progress further into the game. If a player makes a wrong move and dims their locations, they will swallowed up by the shadows and be forced to start over. This provides a frustrating, yet satisfying play through. Players may have to replay stages several times before they find the correct route to beat the puzzle.

LIT uses the basic control functions as most PC games. Keyboard for movement and arrow keys to use items. However, players will not be able to access the menu by pressing escape. Instead, they must press the spacebar. This may be a nitpick, but it may cause some brief frustration with players as the exit the game.

Overall, LIT is a sound puzzle game that features a charming and light-hearted horror environment. The puzzles never become dull and are difficult enough to where the players won’t feel that their intelligence is being insulted. LIT is a bit brief but players going back to beat their game’s goal times does offer plenty of replayability. Players should have a grand time with LIT as it provides plenty of simple entertainment.