Justice League Dark Review

Justice League Dark Review
Justice League Dark Review
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Justice League Dark is not your typical Justice League movie with the everyday bad guy and superhero. But before I get into any of the details in case you dont want parts of the movie spoiled for you. SPOILER ALERT: Justice League Dark is full of demons, spell casting, and bloody deaths. This animated movie might turn some off with the R rating, but fear not concerned parents because the only thing making it R is blood, and the typical violence you see in any PG-13 superhero movie. The movie starts off very fast and you dive immediately into the plot. A random civilian is driving down the road when a car slams into the back of her. She gets out to confront the man and he turns out to be a demon. She gets back in the car and everyone around her is a demon. After running over all these people someone stops her, and you see from their perspective that she’s murdered innocent people. This happens to all sorts of people across Metropolis and Gotham. Batman ends up saving a woman trying to throw her “demon” baby off the roof as he quickly becomes the one of the main protagonist of the story. I enjoyed how quickly the story started, there wasn’t fluff in the beginning of the movie leading up the plot. Batman quickly finds helps from John Constantine and Zatanna and a few other friends along the way.

They travel from sorcerer to sorcerer demanding what they know about the innocent people committing horrible crimes. There is a major plot twist that I will not spoil because that’s not the type of person I am. But I can say that I honestly did not see it coming. It caught me off guard and I actually was excited about the turn it took. The end fight scene wasn’t short lived either which I enjoyed. It was just long enough to hold my attention but not short enough to disappoint me. The movie was just over an hour long which was a little disappointing because it seemed to come and go very quick. As soon as I became invested in the story it was already coming to an end. The script was well written and the voice acting great. There were a good amount of liners that did in fact make me chuckle a few times. Overall the movie was very good even if you are not a Justice League fan. Extremely entertaining with a great plot line and fantastic fighting scenes. Yes, even magical fighting scenes can be awesome. If you’re looking to pick this up, I recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Excellent voice acting
  • Surprising plot twist
  • Great one liners


  • Seemed too short