Hamilton: Building America (2017)

Hamilton: Building America (2017)
Hamilton: Building America (2017)

From founding father to award winning broadway musical, Alexander Hamilton is now featured on his very own History Channel documentary. Hamilton: Building America is a two-hour length film that informs viewers about Hamilton’s legacy and his impact on the American nation. The documentary begins with his role as the first Secretary of the Treasury leading up to his tragic fatally against former vice president, Aaron Burr..

I was pretty stunned by the History Channel’s effort to not bore me with a two-hour documentary. Hamilton was pretty entertaining in a way that kept me informed and actually interested in his different government roles. The documentary made sure to include the many details about his legacy and its effect it left on our nation. Considering he is one of the Founding Fathers of America, there were so many details to include in the documentary. This made the two-hour length very necessary and actually just enough time to include even the minor facts regarding his personal life.

In the documentary, historians explain his role in our government such as the U.S. Mint, Wall Street, and the creation of a two-party political system. This film definitely introduced me to numerous facts I was not familiar with. It is the perfect history lesson for those not as knowledgable about his accomplishments using dramatizations which gives viewers a better understanding with a visual display. The use of actual historians and biographers to correspond with the narration to explain his roles was also beneficial to inform viewers.

I did enjoy the documentary although, I would have rather it to be in two parts. The time span for the film may have been necessary but at some points I felt as if it were dragging. Alexander Hamilton is one the most influential people in American history so a two part film could have included just as much information without the feeling of a continuous speech. When a film is about two hours or longer it does not affect me as much because there is a plot. With documentaries, I feel there should be a middle ground so it does not begin to sound like a lecture.

The film is perfect for those who have seen the broadway musical, Hamilton. The play already displays many details about Hamilton’s life but this DVD is perfect for those who want to learn more. I can state that this documentary is one of the better ones I have seen. It gave me a one-on-one lesson about his legacy and why he is still so important today. I learned new facts that I probably would have never even knew mattered as much until I watched this.

I recommend Hamilton: Building America to all interested in history. It is perfect for all ages especially because it is educational. This DVD is perfect for those in school such as teachers and professors teaching about American history. The History Channel did a great job with its accuracy on the Founding Father and I recommend to those who are not as educated about Hamilton’s accomplishments and wish to learn more.