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OhayoCon Adventures Jackie O'Bryan

Written by Jackie O'Bryan     January 31, 2013    
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Ohayocon is an anime and game convention held yearly in Columbus, Ohio.  While it is not a huge convention, it is still pretty big and very enjoyable, regardless.  I spent three days at Ohayocon and have a day-by -day report of it.  Note that this has to do with my personal experiences and my not reflect all that Ohayocon has to offer.

Day 1

I arrived at Ohayocon at approximately 6:00 PM.  Despite the fact that I had pre-registered, I waited a little over an hour in line to get my badge.  I feel bad for the people that didn’t pre-register as their line was even longer.  Unfortunately, due to how late I arrived and the length of the line, I ended up not getting to the dealer’s room nor could I get my press pass. 

Despite being the first day, the convention was rather busy.  There were already many people in there and the panels were going at full speed.

I had the fortune to come across con guest and voice actor, Kyle Hebert.  I promptly got his autograph.  He even had a pen for signing on him.  He was very kind about me asking for his autograph despite the fact that I didn’t go to his specific autograph panel.  We made small talk about the time he shaved Little Kuriboh’s head for charity.  Then I left, very happy and excited.

The first panel I want to was a Vocaloid panel.  I came in knowing nothing about Vocaloid.  I came out still not knowing much about Vocaloid, but I do want to explore it.  I am aware of is that Vocaloid is a Japanese music program that has a variety of characters that the user can make sing.  The panelists happened to go to the University of Kentucky.  Stuff like that gives you a sense of closeness that Ohayocon has with its fans.

I admit that I didn’t explore Ohayocon much after that as I was tired. 

Day 1 wasn’t bad, but it would have been better had I arrived earlier.

Day 2

I woke up early and went about Ohayocon.  Nothing of interest started until 10:00 AM.

I went to the dealer’s room as soon as it opened.  I also spent more money than I care to admit.  The selection of items available was great.  I was disappointed in the fact that there was a lack of Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright based goods.  The spoils of my many ventures will be discussed later.

The artist’s alley was rather nice.  Many of the artists were certainly good at their trade.  I ended up getting a badge of a unicorn vomiting a rainbow.  The lady that made it can be found at thedizziness.com .  Sorry for the ad, but I liked it so much.  I did have an additional problem with the dealer’s room.

The other problem I had with the dealer’s room is that they didn’t sell snacks in there.  There were plenty of restaurants in the convention center, but the lines were usually long, standard at many cons.  At least there was variety in restaurants.  They had standard fast food, like Subway and a pizza place.  There was a greatly under-rated noodle restaurant.  The noodles were my favorite.

The first panel I went to was a Professor Layton panel.  Once again, the panelists were enthusiastic and they were kind enough to be spoiler free about the entire series.  It was one of the few times where I saw everyone in the room have the same opinion on an entire series.  I do know one thing we all agreed on is that there is a strong lack of Professor Layton memorabilia in general.  It’s a shame that no one from Level 5 was there to listen.   It was nice to be with a group of like-minded people. 

The second panel I went to was a Japanese cooking panel.  They didn’t serve food like you’d expect.  They had a slide show.  I wish they had given a proper link to a website containing all of the recipes that they showed.  The panel did succeed in making me hungry. 

Periodically throughout the day, I saw people in line for con registration.  The line was ridiculously long, it seemed to circle through the convention
Later in the night, I went a Dragonball Evolution panel.  The (horrible) film was played as Kyle Hebert riffed on it.  It was hilarious and I wish he would do a riff of this movie on Rifftracks.  He had scripted his riffing and it showed.  His jokes during the film were hilarious and made a calamity of a movie enjoyable.  I hope he does it again for other conventions.  I think any fan of Dragonball would enjoy it.

Much much later in the night, I went to a +18 Whose Line Is It Anime? It was one of the raunchiest panels I had been to and I couldn’t stop laughing.  The crew of the Whose Line Is It Anime panel wanted to get their name out.  I would happily oblige if they had given a name for their troupe.  The most I can do is let you readers know about them and hope for the best.

After that, I went back to the hotel room, done for the day.

Day 3

I admit that I didn’t go to any panels this day.  None were that appealing to me.  I spent time in the dealer’s room.  I got even more goods.  I got even more goods.  My party and I left around noon though.  This was the most uneventful day, unfortunately.

This was probably the weakest day.  There isn’t too much to say on it.


Ohayocon is a con that I recommend for anyone that likes anime.  The panels were well done.  The panelists were very enthusiastic.  The dealer’s room was my favorite part.  I got so much, I got badges, turret toys, Gainax figures, Kingdom Hearts figures, buttons and Legend of Zelda jewelry. 

The problems I had with the con starts with the length of the registration lines.  I was there at a good time and I still waited about an hour in line, despite being pre-registered.  It was obvious that it was even worse for the people that came in on Saturday.  

The other problem I had was the fact that they didn’t sell any snacks in the dealer’s room.  I would have really wanted some melon bread.  Sure, there were plenty of restaurants, but I don’t want to wait in line for a sandwich when I really wanted Japanese candy.

These were the major flaws for me.  They didn’t take away from the con, but they were a pain.

I’d recommend going to Ohayocon if you. Be sure to pack many snacks and get there early.  Also, bring your 3DS if you have it, you’ll get plenty of streetpasses! 

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