Drunk History: Season 4

Drunk History: Season 4
Drunk History: Season 4
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Comedy Central’s Drunk History has definitely come back with its liquor induced history lessons with season 4 of drunk history to DVD. The Drunk History Complete Season 4 DVD includes all nine episodes for the season, as well as some extra features and goodies added to the DVD package.

Derek Waters returns as host along with many special guest who narrate each episode. Of course everyone is still drunk while they explain the many different historical stories. The episodes included are Great Escapes, Legends, Bar Fights, The Roosevelts, Scoundrels, Election Special, Food, Hamilton and Shit Shows.

In addition to the frequently used cast, Drunk History Season 4 includes many first times appearances and special guest such as Gibourey Sibide, Elizabeth Olsen, Kat Dennings, Ronda Rousey, Billie Armstrong, Liev Schreibeir and much more. Overall the performances of the first time appearance cast was hit and miss, with most offering a luke warm performance.

Ronda Rousey took on her usual demeanor with the character she played (who was still a bad-ass female). While Billie Armstrong played a young Charlie Chaplin, it was interesting to see his acting skill and how well he played and active Charlie Chaplin.

Juno Temple played a young Marlyn Monroe along side Gibourey Sibide who played a jazzy Ella Fitzgerald. This segment in the Legends episode was to me the most interesting episode of season 4,  considering Temple’s portrayal or Marlyn Monroe and how well she was able to perform many of her mannerisms as well as show a not so well known story about Marlyn Monroe.

The DVD set also includes two bonus features: The Election Special and Extended Drunk Narrator Moments and Deleted Scenes. The collection also includes 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Subtitles.

Overall the package of Drunk History is a well put together package of season 4 and is a must pickup for those who want to enjoy your drunken history either on the go or for those who don’t subscribe to a streaming service such as Hulu. Since you are able to stream the complete season there. The bonus features to me wouldn’t warrant the purchase if you have access to streaming the episodes.

If you don’t however have access to Hulu and are a fan of Drunk History or even have a small amount of interest in history and humor then this is definitely something to consider.



  • History Lessons For Adults
  • Interesting Special Guest


  • Bad Acting At Times
  • Low Budget Props