Plot Summary (via Anime News Network)
Daijirou Kyogyoku is the 15th generational proprietor of the Amashodo sweets shop in Kyoto. One day, after falling down the steps into the basement, Daijirou finds a hidden door, behind which is a giant hangar housing a mecha named Doamaiger D. At the same time, people start getting turned into giant mecha/kaiju monsters called Mekaiju, and the only way to return them to normal is for Daijirou to prepare & feed them sweets made via Doamaiger. While fighting off each successive Mekaiju, however, Daijirou will also find out who’s behind the creation of these monsters, learn the about the origin of his robot, & take on Mr. Robert, an American sweets magnate who uses his own giant robot to automatize sweets production.

Short bursts of 13 episodes all surrounding food domination? Funimation has done a superb job of bringing over an oddity to their ever-growing anime collection/distribution.

Built in the same vein as 70s anime Force Five: Grendizer, especially in the looks/feel department, Doamayger-D does a great job of emulating over emphasized action and putting it perfectly together with hero Daijirou Kyogyoku, who is a generational sweets cook. Daijirou, while screaming most of the episodes, delivers a punch to his enemies by delivering the literal goods to his opponent’s mouth. Once in the enemy’s mouth, the enemy blows up with deliciousness with their last thought being their last meal.

This anime, while absolutely ludicrous in terms of content (it’s really quite silly — not Hetalia silly, but silly nonetheless), is neat because of how the  creators made it feel outdated. You get a 4:3 ratio onscreen with purposeful scratches and faded colors leading the way. When it’s not visually pleasing, it does a mediocre job of conveying a story that sticks. Nearly every episode proposes a forgetful enemy, much like the Marvel Comic Universe, and ends the way described above with food in the mouth of the enemy and an overblown explosive ending. If the story provides much, it’s that you can go hunt down some of the recipes that Daijirou uses. If you’re looking for a meaningful story that is long lasting, though, this is not it.

Regardless, come for the visuals, leave if you’re trying to understand things too much.