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Wii Party U
Wii Party U Featured
Nintendo Wii U Steven McGehee   October 29, 2013   0   1   0   0   0
A huge collection of minigames, along with a black Wii Motion Plus Wiimote, might be enough to make Wii Party U a good value for some Wii U owners looking for casual gaming with friends.
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Nintendo Land
Nintendo Wii U Steve Schardein   November 30, 2012   0   13   0   0   0
It's not quite Disney World.
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Pac-Man Party 3D
Nintendo 3DS Steven McGehee   November 22, 2011   0   6   0   0   0
About a year ago, Namco released Pac-Man Party for the Wii. This year, Pac-Man Party 3D was released, and it's essentially the same game. It's a compilation of fifty or so mini-games that also has a "story" mode that is really just a 3D board game. Toss in the original Pac-Man and two other Namco classics, and a party mode, and what do you get?
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Carnival Island
PlayStation 3 Steven McGehee   November 18, 2011   0   5   0   0   0
After years of mini-game compilations on the Wii (it does turn five tomorrow afterall), one can't help but cringe at the thought of another, on any platform, ever. I was surprised to see SCEA was doing their own for the Move. Carnival Island is indeed a collection of mini-games, but it's done with a certain first-party moxy that makes it a pretty solid release, especially for families with younger gamers.
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Wii Play: Motion
Nintendo Wii Greg Schardein   June 25, 2011   0   9   0   0   0
Another mini-game compilation on the Wii? This one does come with a controller, but still...
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Toy Story Mania!
Nintendo Wii Greg Schardein   October 12, 2009   0   7   0   0   0
This game is most certainly a child's play-thing but does it appeal to a broader crowd?
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NBA 10: The Inside
PlayStation Portable Steven McGehee   October 07, 2009   0   17   0   0   0
As a gamer and a sports fan, I love this time of year. The holiday gaming season is in full swing, football is everywhere, the NHL is back, and the NBA is nearly underway. In fact, I just watch some preseason NBA earlier tonight. As a fan of NBA hoops and games, each year at this time I'm taking in the newest versions of the three annual NBA titles that include NBA 2K from 2K Sports, NBA Live from EA Sports, and NBA from the San Diego Studios of SCEA. Up first this year for me is NBA 10: The Inside from Sony. Unlike recent years, NBA 10 is only available on the PSP this year as opposed to also including the PS2 and PS3. However like previous years, NBA 10 is much more than just an NBA sim. It's chock full of great alternate modes that are very likely to capture more of your time than the actual NBA sim itself.
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Dexter: The Game
iPhone/iPad Steven McGehee   September 27, 2009   0   10   0   0   0
I've been looking forward to Dexter - The Game on the iPhone/iPod since first hearing about it a few months ago. Tonight, the popular Showtime series starts its fourth season, with anticipation spilling over from the fans. The first season is arguably still the best thus far, and it's events from that first season that act as the basis for the missions in The Game. Being familiar with the first season might make for a more rewarding experience, but it isn't required. Having some familiarity with the series is a great idea though, as the characters aren't explained in detail. The question is whether or not this app is something every Dexter fan needs -- and for that, let's take a closer look.
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101-In-1 Explosive Megamix
Nintendo DS Greg Schardein   April 24, 2009   0   36   0   0   0
20 cents per game better be worth my money...
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