If you loved Mega Man 9, you’ll feel right at home with 10. At least, that’s my initial impressions based on the 75% of one new level I played today at our private Capcom meeting at CES. Although I’m forbidden from disclosing the name of the boss’s level I played through, I can provide video of the level and give you my brief thoughts on how I thought it felt.

Well, it felt like Mega Man. And that’s a great thing. The representative on hand reiterated the company’s dedication to keeping the new installments close to the roots of Mega Man 2 (meaning still no slide maneuver, regardless of how you feel about that), but hey, I can hardly complain. The stage mini-boss seems at first especially sinister until you nail his patterns (which didn’t take me long, as I’m a *rubs nails on shirt*… pro), but it’s funny because you have to fight him twice, and the second time, the evil geniuses at Inti Creates add electrical barriers all over the place just to make things even nastier. Co-editor Eric Layman testifies that during these mini-boss fights, while the patterns with the hands are tough enough, the addition of the ball just makes it downright insulting.

Anyway, enough chatter. Enjoy the HD footage (be sure to maximize the player for full quality)!


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