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  • First Arkham Knight Story-Driven DLC Stars The Batgirl

    The Batgirl: A Matter of Family takes place before Arkham Asylum and is available this month. Details inside...


    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced the first story driven add-on for Batman™: Arkham Knight – Batgirl: A Matter of Family. Set prior to the events of Batman™: Arkham Asylum, Batgirl: A Matter of Family will allow players to take on the role of Batgirl for the first time in the Batman: Arkham franchise. This exciting story add-on features an all-new location with multiple missions, side quests and secrets; a new hacking feature to progress through the world and solve puzzles; and Dual Play functionality with Robin for dynamic take-down maneuvers. Batgirl: A Matter of Family will be available July 14 for fans who have purchased the Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass and are connected to the Internet, or it can be purchased separately on July 21 for $6.99 MSRP on the PlayStation®Network and Xbox LIVE online entertainment network from Microsoft.

    The Batgirl: A Matter of Family add-on content was developed by WB Games Montréal and was created using the Batman: Arkham Knight engine built by Rocksteady Studios.  The remaining Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass add-on content is under development by Rocksteady Studios.

    The Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass includes an exclusive Flashpoint Batman Skin, which is available now, and delivers regular new content for six months featuring new story missions, more Super-Villains invading Gotham City, new legendary Batmobiles, advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins, and new drivable race tracks.

    18 hours 56 minutes ago
  • How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition
    The definitive version of How To Survive that's priced well and enjoyable online or off, solo, or with a friend.
    3 days ago
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
    Rocksteady and WBIE have managed to capture lightning in a bottle three consecutive times with the Arkham series, with the most refined and focused strike being Arkham Knight.
    3 days ago
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
    Rocksteady and WBIE have managed to capture lightning in a bottle three consecutive times with the Arkham series, with the most refined and focused strike being Arkham Knight.
    3 days ago
  • 4 days ago
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
    Rocksteady and WBIE have managed to capture lightning in a bottle three consecutive times with the Arkham series, with the most refined and focused strike being Arkham Knight.
    4 days ago
  • 1 week ago
  • Jackie Chan Returns In "Police Story: Lockdown" On BD & DVD August 11th

    Hard not to be excited for this -- the legend Jackie Chan returns to one of his most famous series, Police Story. Details about the upcoming home video release inside...

    “… Sheng does a tremendous job in constructing a much more different kind of Chan film with some exciting moments of compelling internal family drama, poignant performances and heightened intensity layered with explosive action ...” ~ Lee Golden, FILM COMBAT SYNDICATE

    “The darker and grittier tone is a nice change of pace for Chan and he gives a great performance.”

    ~ Eoin Friel, THE ACTION ELITE

    Martial Art Superstar Jackie Chan Returns

    for the Fifth Installment in the Internationally-Popular Franchise


    The Action-Packed Crime Drama from Director Ding Sheng

    Debuts on Blu-ray™ & DVD August 11

    Bonus Materials Includes Interviews with the Cast & Crew and a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

    PLANO, Texas.  (June 24, 2015) – Internationally-acclaimed action superstar Jackie Chan (Rush Hour franchise, 1911) returns for the fifth installment of the action-packed franchise with POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN, debuting on Blu-ray™ and DVD August 11 from Well Go USA Entertainment. A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage. In addition to Chan, POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN also stars Liu Ye (Curse of the Golden Flower), Jing Tian (Special ID), newcomer Guli Nazha and Zhou Xiao Ou (The Unfortunate Car).  POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN includes a behind-the-scenes featurette that delves in to the visual effects employed in the film and the music that sets the mood.


    Police Captain Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) knows all about sacrifice. He’s always been too busy chasing bad guys to be a father to his daughter Miao (Jing Tian). Tonight, he’s seeing her for the first time in years – and meeting her fiancé, club owner Wu Jiang (Liu Ye).  But Wu knows Zhong. And his plans for the evening include taking Miao, Zhong, and the entire club hostage.  Zhong knows about sacrifice. What will he give up to save his daughter?

    Bonus Features Include:

    §  Interviews

    ·         Director Ding Sheng

    ·         Jackie Chan, Zhong Wen

    ·         Liu Ye, Wu Jiang

    ·         Jing Tian, Miao

    §  Behind the Scenes

    POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN has a runtime of approximately 107 minutes and is not rated.



    1 week ago
  • Fighter Within
    Fighter Within has plenty of shortcomings, but more importantly, I'm having a lot of fun.
    1 week ago
  • 3 weeks ago
  • Kholat
    Kholat is a compelling release set against a fascinating backdrop that drew me in early and kept me playing. It offers a memorable, if not completely satisfying, experience that's worth checking out.
    3 weeks ago
  • BLADESTORM: Nightmare
    Even had Bladestorm: Nightmare came out several years ago on PS3 I don't think I would have enjoyed it much. But, for those who like Dynasty Warrior-esque games and want more unit control and strategy, Bladestorm is worth checking out.
    3 weeks ago
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Check yourself into Arkham Asylum now. You're going to have one hell of a stay.
    4 weeks ago
  • Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo
    Damascus Gear is a solid portable mech combat game that quickly proved to be more fun and addictive than I was anticipating. It's not the most difficult or longest game you'll play on the Vita, but it's fun and satisfying, especially for $15.
    4 weeks ago
  • 1 month ago
  • Well Go USA Bringing Donnie Yen's Kung Fu Killer to Digital HD and Disc In July

    I've been excited to see this one since I first saw the trailer! Official box art and release details inside... 

    “Kung Fu Killer is a sensational thriller with ferocious action and features Donnie Yen at his absolute best.” ~ Chris Sawin, EXAMINER.COM
    “Here, in this entertaining … Kung Fu movie, are all those values missing from the mainstream of American action filmmaking ....” ~ Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV CLUB

    Legendary Hong Kong Superstar Donnie Yen Stars in the Critically-Acclaimed, Action-Packed, Kung Fu Crime Thriller KUNG FU KILLER Debuts on Digital HD July 7 and on Blu-ray™ & DVD July 21
    Bonus Materials Includes a Making-of Featurette


    PLANO, Texas.  (June 1, 2015) – Legendary Hong Kong action icon Donnie Yen (Ip Man trilogy, Hero) is back in top form with the bone-crunching, martial arts action thriller KUNG FU KILLER, debuting on Digital HD July 7, before hitting Blu-ray™ and DVD July 21 from Well Go USA Entertainment. When a vicious serial killer targets top martial arts masters, convicted criminal and kung fu master Hahou (Donnie Yen) is the only one with the skills to stop him. Released from jail and into police custody, they soon have their doubts about Hahou’s true allegiance, causing Hahou to be hunted by an unstoppable killer (Wang Baoqiang) and the entire police force.  Louis Fan (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate), Wang Baoqiang (Iceman) and Charlie Yeung (Bangkok Dangerous) also star for Director Teddy Chen (Bodyguards & Assassins, The Accidental Spy) in the action-packed drama that won “Best Action Choreography” at the 2015 Hong Kong Film Awards. Bonus features on KUNG FU KILLER include a behind-the-scenes featurette that explores the making of some of the key sequences.


    A vicious killer stalks the streets of Hong Kong, methodically executing top martial arts competitors. Xia (Donnie Yen), a convicted killer and kung fu expert, offers to help police find the killer and put him behind bars – in return for his own freedom. The killer eludes them again and again, taunting the cops - and Xia, his new target - to discover his next moves. Xia refuses to play his lethal game…until the killer threatens the woman he loves most.

    Bonus Features Include:

    §  Making of

    1. Fight To The Top
    2. The Spirit of Kung Fu
    3. The Final Duel
    4. Legendary Action Directors       

    §  Trailer

    KUNG FU KILLER has a runtime of approximately 101 minutes and is not rated.

    1 month ago
  • 1 month ago
  • Tom and Jerry: The Gene Deitch Collection
    Out from the archives and available on DVD for the first time, the remastered shorts from director Gene Deitch are entertaining and well presented on this release.
    1 month ago
  • 1 month ago

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