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  • Dwayne Johnson's Hercules heads home in October

    I was a fan of the old Hercules, but haven't gotten around to see this one. Check out the goods below.

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif.
      – “Fast-paced and packed with eye-popping action” (Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News), Paramount Pictures’ and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ wildly entertaining epic adventure HERCULES debuts on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack and DVD November 4, 2014 from Paramount Home Media Distribution.    The film arrives two weeks early on Digital HD October 21.  Global superstar Dwayne Johnson delivers an unforgettable performance as the mighty Hercules in this thrilling story of strength, courage and heroism.  When a terrifying new enemy threatens the innocent, Hercules and his fearless team of warriors must lead their army in a battle against overwhelming odds. HERCULES boasts a sensational cast of acclaimed actors including Ian McShane (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Joseph Fiennes (TV’s “American Horror Story”), Rufus Sewell (The Illusionist), and John Hurt (Immortals).
    The HERCULES Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray Combo Packs with Digital HD include both the theatrical version of the film, as well as an extended cut (in 2D only) with exciting new action not seen in theaters.  The sets also boast over an hour of in-depth, behind-the-scenes special features including 15 deleted and extended scenes, interviews with the cast and crew, a look at the weapons employed by Hercules and his team, commentary featuring director Brett Ratner and more.

    Blu-ray Combo Pack
    The theatrical version of HERCULES on Blu-ray is presented in 1080p high definition with English Dolby Atmos (7.1 Dolby TrueHD compatible), French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles.  The DVD in the combo pack is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with English 5.1 Dolby Digital, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, French and Spanish subtitles.  The combo pack includes access to a Digital HD copy of the film as well as the following:


    • Theatrical version in high definition
    1. Commentary by director Brett Ratner and producer Beau Flynn
    • Extended cut in high definition
    • Brett Ratner and Dwayne Johnson: An Introduction
    • Hercules and his Mercenaries—Delve into the story behind the team assembled by Hercules for his perilous missions and the skills required of them.
    • Weapons!—Exploration of the weapons created for the spectacular action scenes, including training with the actors.
    • The Bessi Battle—Discover how one of the major action sequences of the film was created with the filmmakers, actors, stunt team, make-up effects and more.
    • The Effects of Hercules—A behind-the-scenes look at the film’s spectacular visual effects.
    • 15 Deleted/Extended Scenes


    • Theatrical version in standard definition

    HERCULES Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack

    The Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack includes all of the above, as well as a Blu-ray 3D with the theatrical version of the film presented in 1080p high definition with English Dolby Atmos (7.1 Dolby TrueHD compatible), French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles. 

    The Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack available for purchase include a Digital Version of the film that can be accessed through UltraViolet™, a way to collect, access and enjoy movies.  With UltraViolet, consumers can add movies to their digital collection in the cloud, and then stream or download them—reliably and securely—to a variety of devices.   

    Single-Disc DVD
    The single-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with English 5.1 Dolby Digital, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, French and Spanish subtitles.  The disc includes the theatrical version of the feature film in standard definition.







    57 minutes ago
  • 5 hours 53 minutes ago
  • The Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece Collection heading to Blu-ray in December

    That is quite a collection. Check it out below.

    Burbank, Calif., September 23, 2014 -- The late director Stanley Kubrick had a special relationship with Warner Bros. Because of this relationship, Christiane Kubrick invited and provided the studio full access to Kubrick’s home, film props, personal cameras, film equipment, production facilities and personal insight to this great director.

    To mark this momentous occasion, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) will release Stanley Kubrick: The Masterpiece Collection on December 2. The 10-disc Blu-ray™ set ($199.99 SRP) includes eight Kubrick classics as well as the newly-produced documentary: Kubrick Remembered which captures intimate moments in Stanley Kubrick’s very personal life, two new-to-Blu-ray documentaries: Stanley Kubrick In Focus and Once Upon a Time…’A Clockwork Orange’ plus three additional documentaries: Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, and O’ Lucky Malcolm! Also included will be a new 78-page hardcover photo book using film archive photographs.

    Films in the collection will be Lolita (1962), Dr. Strangelove (1964), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), A Clockwork Orange (1971), Barry Lyndon (1975), The Shining (1980), Full Metal Jacket (1987) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Kubrick Remembered offers a new look into the Kubrick archives, with special appearances by the director’s wife, Christiane Kubrick, as well as never-seen footage of Stanley’s works, his house and his film production facilities. Stanley Kubrick In Focus presents such directors as Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh, Oliver Stone, William Friedkin and Martin Scorsese relating how Kubrick’s directorial style influenced them.

    About Stanley Kubrick

    Recognized as one of the most accomplished, innovative, and influential directors in film history, Stanley Kubrick was a perfectionist who maintained complete artistic control and privacy during the shooting, and even the subsequent marketing of his movies. Many of Kubrick’s acclaimed works were received as controversial and provocative, yet still regarded as brilliant and visionary. Kubrick’s films earned 19 Oscar® nominations including three for Best Picture (Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon) and four for Directing (Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon).  In 1960, Kubrick’s Spartacus won four Oscars® (Actor in a Supporting Role, Art Direction, Cinematography and Costume Design). In 1968 Kubrick won the Oscar® for Special Visual Effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey.


    Kubrick was born in 1928 in New York City and grew up in the Bronx where his father was a physician. At 13, Kubrick became interested in photography and began to teach himself the craft. In 1945, prior to his high school graduation, Kubrick did a photo essay of a news vendor with his papers heralding the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Look selected one of the photographs for the closing of their series on the death of the president. Shortly thereafter, Look hired him as an apprentice, and within six months, at age 17, Kubrick became one of the magazine’s youngest-ever staff photographers.

    After creating a photo essay on boxer Walter Cartier, Kubrick directed an impressive, gritty short documentary, Day of the Fight (1950), based on his pictorial for the magazine. Kubrick then made two more documentaries and a short feature about a fictitious war (Fear and Desire). Two low-budget crime thrillers followed -- Killer’s Kiss and The Killing – then Kubrick cemented his reputation with his first major studio film, the powerful antiwar movie Paths of Glory.

    Kubrick immigrated to England in 1961, where he found more autonomy and greater control as a filmmaker. Kubrick died peacefully at his home in England on March 7, 1999. He is survived by his wife, Christiane, and three daughters and has left the cinema with an enduring legacy.

    About the Films in the Collection

    Lolita (1962)

    Humbert (James Mason), a divorced British professor of French literature, travels to small-town America for a teaching position. He allows himself to be swept into a relationship with Charlotte Haze, his widowed and sexually famished landlady, whom he marries in order that he might pursue the woman's 14-year-old flirtatious daughter, Lolita, with whom he has fallen hopelessly in love, but whose affections shall be thwarted by a devious trickster named Clare Quilty.

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb(1964)

    Released by Columbia Pictures, the cold war satire is a chilling dark comedy about a psychotic Air Force General unleashing an ingenious, foolproof and irrevocable scheme sending bombers to attack Russia, as the U.S. President works with the Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world. The film stars Peter Sellers, in multiple roles, as well as George C. Scott and Sterling Hayden.


    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

    Kubrick’s dazzling Academy Award®-winning achievement (Special Visual Effects) is an allegorical puzzle on the evolution of man and a compelling drama of man vs. machine. Featuring a stunning meld of music and motion, the film was also Oscar®-nominated for Best Director, Art Direction and Writing. The director (who co-wrote the screenplay with Arthur C. Clarke) first visits the prehistoric age-ancestry past, then leaps millennia (via one of the most mind-blowing jump cuts ever) into colonized space, and ultimately whisks astronaut Bowman (Keir Dullea) into uncharted space, perhaps even into immortality.

    A Clockwork Orange (1971)

    Causing major controversy when first released, the film garnered four Academy Award® nominations – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Film Editing and Best Screenplay. The film also introduced into popular culture the concept of “ultra-violence,” as singing, tap-dancing, derby-topped hooligan Alex (Malcolm McDowell) has a “good time” – at the tragic expense of others. His journey from amoral punk to brainwashed proper citizen and back again forms the dynamic arc of Kubrick’s future-shock vision of Anthony Burgess’ novel.

    Barry Lyndon (1975)

    Redmond Barry (Ryan O’Neal) is a young, roguish Irishman who's determined, in any way, to make a life for himself as a wealthy nobleman. Enlisting in the British Army and fighting in Europe’s Seven Years War, Barry deserts, then joins the Prussian army, gets promoted to the rank of a spy, and becomes a pupil to a Chevalier and con artist/gambler. Barry then lies, dupes, duels and seduces his way up the social ladder, entering into a lustful but loveless marriage to a wealthy countess named Lady Lyndon (Marisa Berenson). He takes the name of Barry Lyndon, settles in England with wealth and power beyond his wildest dreams, before eventually falling into ruin.

    The Shining (1980)

    From a script he co-adapted from the Stephen King novel, Kubrick melds vivid performances, menacing settings, dreamlike tracking shots and shock after shock into a milestone of the macabre. The Shining is the director’s epic tale of a man in a snowbound hotel descending into murderous delusions. In a signature role, Jack Nicholson (“Heeeere’s Johnny!”) stars as Jack Torrance, who’s come to the elegant, isolated Overlook Hotel as off-season caretaker with his wife (Shelley Duvall) and son (Danny Lloyd).

    Full Metal Jacket (1987)

    A superb ensemble falls in for Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant saga about the Vietnam War and the dehumanizing process that turns people into trained killers. The scathing indictment of a film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay. ‘Joker’ (Matthew Modine), ‘Animal Mother’ (Adam Baldwin), ‘Gomer’ (Vincent D’Onofrio), ‘Eightball’ (Dorian Harewood) and ‘Cowboy’ (Arliss Howard) are some of the Marine recruits experiencing boot-camp hell under the punishing command of the foul-mouthed Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermy). The action is savage, the story unsparing, and the dialogue is spiked with scathing humor.

    Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

    Kubrick’s daring and controversial last film is a bracing psychosexual journey through a haunting dreamscape, a riveting suspense tale and a career milestone for stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Cruise plays a doctor who plunges into an erotic foray that threatens his marriage – and may ensnare him in a murder mystery – after his wife’s (Kidman) admission of sexual longings. As the story sweeps from doubt and fear to self-discovery and reconciliation, Kubrick orchestrates it with masterful flourishes. His graceful tracking shots, rich colors and startling images are some of the bravura traits that show Kubrick as a filmmaker for the ages.

    About the Documentaries:

    • Kubrick Remembered – NEW
      A new look into the Kubrick archives, with special appearances by Christiane Kubrick. Featuring never-seen footage of Stanley’s works, his house and his film production facilities.
    • Stanley Kubrick In Focus – NEW to Blu-ray
      Spielberg, Soderbergh, Stone, Friedkin, Scorsese and others tell how Kubrick’s directorial style influenced them and how his unique style was developed
    • Once Upon a Time…A Clockwork OrangeNEW to the U.S.

    Co-written by critic Michel Ciment and featuring interviews with a psychologist and a sociologist, Once Upon a Time…‘A Clockwork Orange’ is a wonderfully unusual cine-documentary that focuses more on the titular movie’s historical context and philosophy than on its production and reception. The documentary benefits from archival audio commentary by the late Stanley Kubrick, who offers his rationale for making the controversial, devilishly prescient proto-punk cult classic: “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.”

    • Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
      Kubrick’s career comes into sharp focus in this compelling documentary narrated by Tom Cruise. Fascinating footage glimpses Kubrick in his early years, at work on film sets and at home, augmented by candid commentary from collaborators, colleagues and family. Produced and directed by Jan Harlan, the brother of Christiane Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick's widow.
    • O’Lucky Malcolm!
      A documentary about the life and career of actor Malcolm McDowell, produced and directed by Jan Harlan and edited by Katia de Vidas.
    5 hours 53 minutes ago
  • 5 days ago
  • Bandai Namco releases new Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 TGS trailer

    Nothing like some good fun with Pac and crew. Check out the new TGS trailer below.

    With Tokyo Game Show (TGS) in full swing, BANDAI NAMCO Games has just released a brand new trailer for PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2! The new trailer sees Pac, Spiral and Cylindria as they travel back in time and traverse colorful environments, control high-flying vehicles, and of course, gobble up lots of dots. Gamers who pre-order the game will also receive a free Fathead wall decal while supplies last*. PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2 is available in the Americas on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS on October 14, 2014.

    {media load=media,id=2886,width=720,align=center,display=inline}

    5 days ago
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  • Nintendo Download -- September 18th, 2014

    Your weekly dose of Nintendo Download. Enjoy.

    REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:


    • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
      • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS – Free Demo – Nintendo 3DS owners can download a free demo for the upcoming all-star fighting game in the Nintendo eShop starting at 9 a.m. PT on Sept. 19. This demo includes five playable characters (Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager and Mega Man), one stage (Battlefield) and the ability to compete in local multiplayer matches with fellow Nintendo 3DS owners who have downloaded the demo to their systems. A Nintendo Network ID is required to download the demo. For more details about the game, visit
      • THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL – Featuring new Versus and Quest Medley Modes alongside 221 songs and more than 60 characters from the Final Fantasy series, THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL is now available, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
      • Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit – Conquer the kitchen as you bake, batter and roll 60 of Mama’s favorite oven-fresh meals and tasty treats. She also needs your help with 30 fun new activities like feeding kittens and running the burger shop. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
    • Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS
      • Legend of the River King 2 – An angel appears to you and your brother, asking you to track down the River King and the Sea King, the biggest fish in the world. But before you’re ready to begin the search for the elusive water beasts, you’ll need to score smaller fry to feed yourselves and save up to purchase better tackle and rods. With all manner of angling to enjoy, from freshwater fly-fishing to deep-sea trolling to collecting a variety of insects and plant life, you’ll have hours of fun in this role-playing adventure.
    • Virtual Console on Wii U
      • Wild Guns – Blast your way through villainous outlaws, diabolical robots and towering, screen-filling bosses either by yourself or with a friend at your side in the Super NES classic, Wild Guns. You’ll need a sharp eye and quick-on-the-draw reflexes, but fortunately, you’ve got plenty of moves to help you survive the hail of bullets heading your way. You can dive-roll, jump, double jump, rope enemies with a lasso and clear the screen with explosive special attacks. Blast apart just about everything in the environment to find guns, bombs and other hidden power-ups. It’s up to you to bring justice back to town – or whatever’s left of it when the smoke clears.

    • Nintendo eShop Sales

    Coming soon:

    • Hyrule WarriorsSept. 26 (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
    • Mario Golf: Advance Tour – Sept. 25 (Virtual Console on Wii U)
    • Castlevania: Dracula X – Oct. 2 (Virtual Console on Wii U)

    Also new this week:

    In addition to video games available at retail stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their systems. Nintendo adds new games weekly to the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U console and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, the Nintendo DSi Shop for the Nintendo DSi system and the Wii Shop Channel for the Wii console.

    The Nintendo eShop is a cash-based service that features a wide variety of content, including new and classic games, applications and demos. Users can add money to their account balances by using a credit card or purchasing a Nintendo eShop Card at a retail store and entering the code from the card. All funds from one card must be loaded in the Nintendo eShop on either Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, but can be used in either Nintendo eShop if the systems are linked to a single Nintendo Network account.

    The Wii Shop Channel offers games and applications and uses Wii Points, which can be purchased via the Wii Shop Channel. The Nintendo DSi Shop offers games and applications and uses Nintendo DSi Points, which can be purchased in the Nintendo DSi Shop.

    Remember that Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo DSi feature parental controls that let adults manage some of the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit or

    5 days ago
  • 5 days ago
  • DeNA's Cupcake Carnival launches on iOS

    Get your puzzle on! Check out the 'sweet' details below.

    DeNA has launched Cupcake Carnival, a free match puzzle game exclusively on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This socially co-operative puzzle game challenges players and their friends to match cakes and cook up tasty combos to satisfy hungry customers in order to advance to the next level.

    Download Cupcake Carnival for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch at

    5 days ago
  • 5 days ago
  • New Digicards announced for DIGIMON All-Star Rumble

     DIGIMON fans, this one is for you.

    Step into the arena and get ready to rumble in DIGIMON All-Star Rumble on the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 in just a couple months. BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. today released new screenshots and announced that players will be able to brawl with a few aces up their sleeves—Digicards.

    Digicards add a unique aspect to the fighting gameplay with offensive and defensive Digicards that can throw the battle momentum with various effects such as explosions, shockwaves, increased attributes or even hidden Super Forms. These cards will have a lottery chance to activate at the end of player combos to continue the stream intense battle. With 200 exciting Digicards to collect and unlock, players will be able to equip two Digicards to take into battle with their favorite Digimon and throw down the gauntlet to see who will rise to the top in the fast-paced and frenzied  “Digimon Evolution Tournament.”

    In the vivaciously competitive tournament, players will enjoy a multiplayer party-arena brawling experience with all the most popular all-star Digimon from the Digimon franchise and take the battle to a variety of fun and colorful stages such as Toy Town, Native Forest, Coela Beach and more.

    DIGIMON All-Star Rumble is rated “E10+” by the ESRB and is slated to release in the Americas on the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2014 at a MSRP of $39.99. For more information on BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. game titles and products, please visit

    5 days ago
  • 5 days ago
  • Neverending Nightmares heading to Ouya and PC

    Check out the details below.

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Sept. 18, 2014 - Neverending Nightmares, the psychological horror game that has been called “gorgeous” and “repulsive” in the same breath, will be launching on Steam and OUYA on September 26. In the game, players will take on the role of the harried and haunted Thomas as he awakens into nightmare after nested nightmare. Thomas must evade the phantasms of sleep and safely traverse these horrorscapes in a desperate attempt to discern fact from fiction; to survive until morning, he will have to learn the truth behind the nightmare. A success story of OUYA’s Free the Games Fund, Neverending Nightmares will be available for the discounted price of $13.49 on Steam and OUYA during launch week only.

    {media load=media,id=2885,width=720,align=center,display=inline}

    Though its disturbing imagery and cast of monstrosities are in many ways a tribute to traditional horror, Neverending Nightmares pulls from deeper source material: it is inspired by developer Matt Gilgenbach’s real-life struggles with mental illness. The intimate nature of the game’s inspiration has made the development process both therapeutic and torturous for its creator, and he hopes that it will drive awareness and inspire empathy in its players.

    Neverending Nightmares’ stark, vivid art style is inspired by Edward Gorey, rendered in striking black and white penstrokes and enlivened with splatters and splashes of lurid blood-red. The game also features a dynamic light-and-shadow system that sketches dark areas in and out of existence.

    5 days ago
  • 5 days ago
  • Activision releases new pics and screenshots for Skylanders Trap Team on the 3DS

    Check out the new pics/screens for the 3DS version. Enjoy.

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. - September 18, 2014 - Skylanders ® fans can go on a villain vanquishing adventure this fall with Skylanders Trap Team

    for Nintendo 3DS as they take on the evil Dream Sheep and 13 other villains exclusive to the platform. Launching day and date on October 5 with the console and tablet versions of the game from Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI),

    Skylanders Trap Team for Nintendo 3DS features an all-new adventure with its own levels, locations and gameplay.  The game also uses the special features of the system, which gives players the ability to experience unique interactions with the captured villains. Additionally, Skylanders Trap Team on Nintendo 3DS introduces a multiplayer version of the fan-favorite card game Skylanders Skystones that uses Wi-Fi connectivity, marking the first time Portal Masters can play the mini-game with friends and family.
    Skylanders Trap Team takes advantage of the interactive features of Nintendo 3DS in fun ways. For instance, after villains are defeated in combat, players can use the bottom Touch Screen to pull them out of the game and trap them in the Traptanium Vault.  Then, once captured, players can use the Touch Screen and microphone to poke, tickle and spin villains to make them dizzy.

    Using the Portal of Power® included in the Skylanders Trap Team Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack, players can load in their Skylanders characters directly into the system, allowing greater flexibility for playing on the go. Additionally, two powerful Skylanders characters will be available at launch only via the Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack -- Gusto, a Trap Master with an oversized Traptanium Boomerang that delivers the ultimate blow to bad guys; and Barkley, the Mini version of Skylanders Giants' Tree Rex.  

    Throughout the game, Portal Masters can summon captured villains to unleash devastating attacks and fight side-by-side with their Skylander.  They can also play as captured villains in 13 unique villain "bootcamps" created by the evil Dream Sheep, the master villain in the game. Additionally, players can discover each Trap Master's signature Trap Attack by collecting Traptanium orbs dropped by enemies when defeated, enabling players to wipe out evil foes with one awesome attack.

    The Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders Trap Team also enables fans to play with all of the toys from Skylanders Spyro's Adventure®, Skylanders Giants and Skylanders SWAP Force, enabling true cross-platform play.  All of the characters' abilities, levels and customization will carry forward into Skylanders Trap Team.

    Skylanders Trap Team on Nintendo 3DS, developed by Beenox, will be available for $64.99 on October 5 in North America, October 2 in Australia and October 10 in Europe. The game is rated E10+ by the ESRB. For more information, visit:

    5 days ago
  • Tokyo Game Show 2014 Coverage (ongoing blog updates)

    Day One --Japanese gaming in a nutshell


    5 days ago
  • Summary
    Hyrule Warriors delivers a wonderful Legend of Zelda action game with a large cast of familiar characters, identifiable worlds, a great upgrade/leveling system and endless amounts of action. It’s far from a perfect game, especially in regards to controls and repetitiveness, but it’s much better than expected. It has certainly raised the bar for the Dynasty Warriors series in regards to design.
    5 days ago
  • 5 days ago
  • Summary
    Hyrule Warriors delivers a wonderful Legend of Zelda action game with a large cast of familiar characters, identifiable worlds, a great upgrade/leveling system and endless amounts of action. It’s far from a perfect game, especially in regards to controls and repetitiveness, but it’s much better than expected. It has certainly raised the bar for the Dynasty Warriors series in regards to design.
    5 days ago

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