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  • Summary
    Back to Bed is a visual upgrade from its mobile brethren, but it still maintains the quick, casual fun that the mobile side sported. If you like a decent puzzle game, this might be worth looking at on the PlayStation 4.
    13 hours 45 minutes ago
  • How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition
    The definitive version of How To Survive that's priced well and enjoyable online or off, solo, or with a friend.
    22 hours 4 minutes ago
  • Vainglory Seasons Announced

    The following is from a blog post from  Super Evil Megacorp about Vainglory seasons.

    Our long-term vision for Vainglory is to create a game that allows for season-based play at every level, from casual matches with friends at home to live-broadcasted eSports tournaments with fierce rivalries. We are very excited to announce that from October onward, Vainglory will feature quarterly seasons. The first official season, Autumn 2015, kicks off this October!

    Every year, we’ll divide the Vainglory calendar into four distinct seasons: Winter Season will run from January to March, Spring Season from April until June, Summer Season from July through September and Autumn Season will kick this off in October and run until the end of the year.

    During each of these seasons, individual players and teams will be able to earn rewards based on in-game achievements. To ensure that things feel as inclusive as possible for whatever kind of player you are, some of the rewards will be focused purely on you or your team’s competitive skill, while others will reward your commitment and dedication to the game.

    This seasonal model means that there will always be fresh content and activities for you to enjoy throughout the year. Achievements will vary from season to season, and all of the trophies that you earn will be kept in a new trophy room being added to your in-game player profile.

    To get everyone started with something to strive for during the buildup to the inaugural Autumn Season 2015, we’re adding a special preseason trophy to earn. Starting with update 1.8, you’ll have approximately one month to reach the highest possible skill tier in Ranked play., Your preseason achievement will be immortalized as a permanent trophy at the start of Autumn Season 2015 in October and your skill tier will be reset.

    In addition to the new seasonal in-game achievements and rewards, we will also supporting and officially sanctioning regional competitive tournaments and leagues involving the best teams in each region. Following on from the highly successful Vainglory World Invitational, receiving more than 1M views, we have leagues confirmed for Europe, North America and Korea. For the inaugural season, the global eSports prize pool will total more than $100,000. Look for more regional competition news over the coming months!

    We are excited to today also announce that we will be working closely with Twitch to promote and support the growing Vainglory eSports community starting with the VGL regional qualifiers for North America and Europe, which start Sept. 5.

    Good luck, have fun and here’s to the introduction of Vainglory Seasonal play! As always, we’ll be paying close attention to your feedback, especially throughout the preseason and Autumn Season 2015!

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  • ASTRO Gaming Announces New Products

    New line of Astro products have been announced. Read below for more details.

    (PAX PRIME) SEATTLE, WA.  – AUGUST 28, 2015 – ASTRO Gaming, creators of premium video gaming equipment, announced an exciting new Tournament Ready (TR) series of gaming audio products that will redefine expectations for pro-gaming and livestreaming audio equipment.  The ASTRO Gaming TR lineup includes a redesigned ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset that enables this award-winning product to be compatible with the studio’s new ASTRO Gaming Mod Kits, a collection of interchangeable parts that enable the headset to adapt to any gaming environment. In addition, ASTRO has delivered exciting improvements to the ASTRO Gaming MixAmp™ Pro TR making it an essential piece of gaming hardware for pro players, serious gamers and livestreamers alike.   Available later this year, ASTRO Gaming’s new TR series will be previewed to fans this week during PAX Prime in Seattle, August 28-31 – ASTRO Gaming booth #3217.
    ASTRO Gaming TR Series products are the official Audio Gaming Headset Brand of Call of Duty®: Black Ops III from Activision and Treyarch.  A Call of Duty: Black Ops III branded Mod Kit will be available at launch to provide fans of the franchise with the ability to modify their A40 TR headset to add the iconic Black Ops III logos and graphics. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is scheduled for release on November 6.
    “With ASTRO Gaming’s new Tournament Ready (TR) series of audio products, we’re reaffirming our commitment to the eSports community globally. Professional gamers have long trusted ASTRO due to our single-minded commitment to delivering products that push the envelope of performance, comfort, durability, style and customization,” said Aron Drayer, VP of Marketing, ASTRO Gaming. “eSports has changed dramatically in the 7 years since we launched our original A40 headset and MixAmp and has come to include more than just tournament play. eSports now includes livestreaming as both a spectator and a competitor, as well as a new generation of professionals who started in eSports and then launched careers in gaming. The definition of who a professional gamer is has changed, and our new products deliver the features and functionality this community demands.”
    So, What Are ASTRO Gaming Mod Kits?
    ASTRO Gaming Mod Kits provide gamers with an opportunity to both customize and personalize their audio experience like never before. Each Mod Kit includes a highly sensitive Voice-Isolating Mic to better combat excess noise in noisy gaming environments; Noise-Cancelling Ear Cushions reduce background noise; Closed-Back Speaker Tags which utilize a silicone baffle to completely close the headset off and further reduce background noise; and, a Leather Headband for additional comfort and style.
    ASTRO Gaming Mod Kits can dramatically change the functionality of the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Pro-Gaming Headset, making it the only gaming headset available today that converts between closed-back and open-back performance. Mod Kits make the headset a much more versatile pro-gaming audio solution, be it at home in a quiet room or at the raucous and sound-filled finals of a Call of Duty® tournament.
    ASTRO Gaming Mod Kits are sold separately for $60 and connect to the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Pro-Gaming Headset.
    What’s New with the MixAmp Pro TR?
    ASTRO Gaming’s patented MixAmp has long been a critical audio component for pro gamers and livestreamers alike.  Its ability to facilitate gaming communication between professional gamers and casters has made it the pro standard since its release. The ASTRO Gaming MixAmp Pro TR represents a big step forward technologically, offering tremendously increased user control to both gamers and livestreamers alike.
    The ASTRO Gaming MixAmp Pro TR features include: all new digital circuitry delivering interference-free gaming and >1ms delay time; fully supports PC and Mac gaming with improved Game-to-Voice balance and USB soundcard connectivity; Customizable Stream Output, which can deliver Dolby Headphone Surround encoded output; an AUX input that now allows in and out communication; digital daisy chaining for lag-free local voice chat; and, the new ASTRO Gaming MixAmp Pro TR works with every ASTRO headset ever made.
    Finally, the ASTRO Gaming MixAmp Pro TR will work the new ASTRO Command Center software, a free downloadable tool that will allow customization of every MixAmp TR setting and the creation of personalized EQ profiles.  Additional capabilities include:
    Customize EQ settings that can be stored, shared and easily loaded onto the MixAmp Pro TR
    Customize outgoing voice chat with adjustments for mic level, noisegate and sidetone
    Customize stream output for the precise mix of game sound and voice chat desired, including two-channel Dolby Headphone Surround Sound output
    ASTRO Gaming’s new TR Series headsets, MixAmps and Mod Kits will be highlighted at PAX Prime in Seattle, August 28-31 – ASTRO Gaming Booth #3217.  Additional product details, pricing and availability will be announced when the products release later this year.  For more information about ASTRO Gaming, please visit


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  • Batkid Release Dates Revealed

    Read below for details.

    Burbank, CA, August 28, 2015 – Experience the story of one small super hero who had the courage to inspire millions when “Batkid Begins” arrives onto DVD and Digital HD on October 6 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The documentary “Batkid Begins” chronicles the one day, in one city, when the world came together to grant one 5-year-old cancer patient his wish. The film will be available early on Digital HD starting on September 25.  
    “Batkid Begins” was directed by Dana Nachman, who also produced the documentary with Liza Meak. The film was written by Nachman & Kurt Kuenne. Ian Reinhard & John Crane served as executive producers.
    “Batkid Begins” will be available on DVD for $28.98. The DVD features the theatrical version of the film in standard definition. Fans can also own “Batkid Begins” via purchase from digital retailers.
    “Batkid Begins” looks at the “why” of this flash phenomenon. Why did the intense outpouring of spontaneous support for a child reverberate among the world and become one of the biggest good news stories ever? The film explores what happens when an event goes viral, and reveals surprising truths about what happens when a nerve is touched in our digital society. Will the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfill its mission to help Miles reclaim his childhood after battling disease for more than half his short life?
    In the end, the film leaves audiences to decide: did Miles need the world for inspiration? Or did the world need Miles?
    On September 25, “Batkid Begins” will be available for streaming and download to watch anywhere in high definition and standard definition on their favorite devices from select digital retailers including Amazon, CinemaNow, Flixster, iTunes, PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox and others. “Batkid Begins” will also be available digitally on Video On Demand services from cable and satellite providers, and on select gaming consoles.

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Biggest Ever on PS4

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III is already breaking records before its official launch. Read below for more details.

    Santa Monica, CA - August 28, 2015- Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI), today confirmed that Treyarch's Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta, which began on August 19 and ran through August 23, has become the largest beta in PlayStation®4 (PS4™) history.
    Millions of gamers downloaded and played the beta, which provided critical feedback and technical data at scale for the Treyarch development team to further fine-tune and polish in preparation for the November 6 launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
    "This is about making sure we deliver to our fans the best possible game at launch," said Rob Kostich, senior vice president and general manager of Call of Duty®, Activision Publishing.  "Becoming the biggest beta on PS4 speaks to the excitement felt by gamers and the quality of work by Treyarch.  And remember, this beta is just a fraction of the overall multiplayer experience and a portion of what's coming on November 6 when the full game - spanning campaign, multiplayer and Zombies hits worldwide."
    "We've been looking forward to getting the game into the hands of the people that matter most - the fans," said Mark Lamia, studio head of Treyarch.  "We can't thank them all enough for participating and providing us with invaluable feedback and data that Treyarch is already hard at work incorporating into the game for launch. Our goal is to deliver the best Day One experience possible and this beta - along with the input from our passionate community of fans - has helped position us to do just that."
    "Played by millions of PlayStation fans around the world, the response to the beta was massive and shows the strength when bringing together the best-selling console franchise with the best-selling game console," said Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Signaling an impressive start of a new era for PlayStation and this famed franchise, there was no better way to welcome Call of Duty to its new home on PlayStation 4."
    The Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta set new marks on PS4 delivering the most downloads, gameplay sessions and hours of gameplay to date, according to Activision and Sony PlayStation.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III is in development at Treyarch for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC.  The Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer beta is available now on Xbox One and PC.
    For the latest intel, check out:, or follow @Treyarch and @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.  Call of Duty: Black Ops III is not yet rated.

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  • The Divintiy: Original Sin 2 unveils Additional Stretch Goals and Bonus Rewards

    The Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter has released more goals and rewards. Read below for more details.

    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Stretch Goals and Bonus Rewards Unveiled

    The Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter campaign has been a runaway success, climbing faster than Larian Studios dreamed possible - so fast that two of the new Stretch Goals were unlocked before being revealed!

    Announced today, the stretch goals for Divinity: Original Sin 2 include the hardcore Strategist Mode, additional Skill Trees to be chosen by backers, unique Racial Skills, and the option to give your character an Undead Origin or even journey to the Hall of Echoes, land of the dead.

    In addition to the stretch goals, Larian Studios is bolstering some of the rewards being offered. Anyone who pledges at the $125 tier and above will also receive the Digital Developer's Diary, while anyone who pledges at the $200 tier and above will also receive a signed piece of concept art.

    You can read about the new stretch goals in greater detail at:
    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Update #2

    An epic RPG with turn-based combat, Divinity: Original Sin 2 can be played as both a single-player and multiplayer game for up to four players with both cooperative and competitive questing.

    Switch seamlessly between cooperative and competitive play throughout the entire story. Work together with your companions as one, persuade NPCs to thwart your opponents, and beware of backstabbing allies. Or, put your own goals above that of the party, and plan the moment you’ll betray them all. It’s up to you.

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  • First Episode of Blues and Bullets Released Today on Xbox One

    Episodic crime game released today on Xbox One. Read below for more details.

    Barcelona, Spain -- August 28th, 2015 -- Independent developer A Crowd Of Monsters today proudly announced that the first episode of its episodic crime noir adventure game Blues and Bullets is now available on Xbox One. Available already on Steam, Blues and Bullets is finally now out on Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program. Xbox One owners will take on the role of former detective Eliot Ness as he investigates, interrogates and exchanges gunfire with the criminal underworld of the fictional city of Santa Esperanza, as he simultaneously unravels the truth behind the case.

    The first episode of Blues and Bullets (a season that will span 5 episodes) introduces players to Eliot Ness, who now owns a diner in Santa Esperanza. Drawn into a new case that will change Ness forever, the player must investigate crime scenes and analyse clues scattered around rich, highly detailed scenarios to come up with their own conclusions on what has happened. Not everyone will be pleased with Eliot’s progress in the case, and the player’s skills will be put to the test in intense shootouts between the retired detective and a group of mysterious enemies.

    Outside of shootouts, the player must choose how to interact with witnesses, suspects and companions. Every decision they make will impact the case and Ness’ relationships with other characters. These decisions add up to an intense cliffhanger at the end of each episode, putting the player at the edge of their seat.

    Blues and Bullets has been penned by video games writer Josué Monchán, who was behind the script for the Runaway and Yesterday. Blues and Bullets introduces Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3) as the voice of Elliott Ness, backed by Jules de Jongh (Faith from Mirror's Edge) who will play Delphine.

    Blues and Bullets was the winner of the "Excellence in Story & Storytelling" development award at the GDC Game Connection America 2015 conference and “Best Indie Game” at Gamelab 2015. Blues and Bullets will launch on Xbox One on August 28th and will be priced at $4.99 per episode.

    For more information visit the official Blues and Bullets website at:

    Like us on Facebook:

    Follow us on Twitter:

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  • Virtual Reality RPG from Gunfire Games to be Showcased at PAX Prime

    An atmospheric rpg from Gunfire Games will be showcased at PAX Prime. Read below for more details.

    AUSTIN, TX---August 28, 2015--Gunfire Games, a leading VR developer, will be showcasing its upcoming atmospheric role-playing game for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and PC, Chronos, at this weekend's PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington.  Chronicling a young hero's lifelong quest to save their homeland from evil, this unique VR experience will allow players to explore an atmospheric fantasy world with an incredible level of immersion and detail.


    David Adams, President of Gunfire Games, will be a featured speaker on the "Exploring New Worlds in VR" developer panel on August 29th at 5:00pm in the Sasquatch Theater.  Fans can meet the developers behind some of virtual reality's most exciting experiences and learn about key discoveries and challenges incurred while developing for this new medium.

    About Chronos:

    Chronos is an atmospheric RPG that chronicles one young hero's lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil.  Central to this quest is an ancient labyrinth, which holds the secrets necessary to restore life and peace to their home.  However, the architects of this labyrinth designed it to open only once a year.  The labyrinth is a test, and each time the hero fails, they are cast out and must wait one year to return.

    Adventure RPG - Refreshing combination of Adventure Game elements and RPG mechanics.
    VR - Explore an atmospheric fantasy world in full Virtual Reality.  The level of immersion, scale and detail is incredible!
    Unique leveling mechanic - Each journey into the labyrinth cost the Hero a measure of his life. Playing as either male or female, player's must adapt to their advancing age as they progress their character; start the game young , nimble and quick, and end wise and more attuned to magic.
    Unlock the Secrets of the Labyrinth - There are many mysteries behind the origins of the labyrinth.  Who built it?  Why did they build it?  What does it do?
    About Gunfire Games:

    Gunfire Games is an independent game developer based in Austin, Texas.   The core team members are the remnant of Vigil games and are best known for creating and shipping the DARKSIDERS franchise. We started the studio because we love what we do:  Crafting worlds – building games – it's in our DNA.  For more information about Gunfire Games and Chronos visit (

  • XCOM 2 Coming to PC

    XCOM 2 will have a PC version. Read below for more details.

    2K and Firaxis Games announced today that XCOM 2 is now coming to PC worldwide on February 5, 2016. For more details and a message from the XCOM 2 Dev Team at Firaxis Games, please go to the official XCOM site here:

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  • Fluency Productions Announces Release Date for REVERSION

    REVERSION's release date has been announced. Read below for more details.

    NEW YORK- August 28, 2015 –Fluency Productions today announced the release of its highly anticipated sci-fi thriller, REVERSION, on October 9, 2015 in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, with a wider national release to follow.

    Filmmaker Jose Nestor Marquez created REVERSION intertwining technology and identity, which began with his 2014 critically acclaimed feature ISA.
    REVERSION centers on Sophie Clé (Aja Naomi King), a delighted user of the Oubli, a wisp of high-tech jewelry that wraps behind the ear and uses neuroscience to help its users experience their most joyful memories as if they were happening for the first time. In addition to being the head of marketing for the company that makes this revolutionary memory-enhancing wearable device, she is also the daughter of its inventor, Jack Clé (Colm Feore).
    Sophie’s most joyful memory is the last day she saw her mother alive, fifteen years earlier. But on the eve of the Oubli’s worldwide launch, a stranger named Isa (Jeanette Samano) kidnaps Sophie, setting off a chain of events that remind us all, you can’t escape what you can’t forget.
    REVERSION is directed and Co-written by Jose Nestor Marquez (Ana Maria in Novela Land) and stars Aja Naomi King (How to Get Away With Murder), Colm Feore (Gotham, The Chronicles of Riddick), Gary Dourdan (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Being Mary Jane) and Jeanette Samano (ISA, Speechless).

    2 days ago

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