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  • 20 hours 24 minutes ago
    Warcraft is an enjoyable film. The fans of the game waited a long time for its release, and I believe it holds up to their standards. Some of the actors were better than others (performance-wise), but it's an entertaining film. The level of detail is stunning on both the 4K HDR and Standard 1080p HD versions. If you're a fan of the game and want to see the wickedness come to life, don't hesitate to pick up this 4K Blu-ray.
    20 hours 25 minutes ago
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    Beauty and the Beast is one of the darker tales in the Disney vault. It’s not quite The Black Cauldron, but it certainly has some frightening moments that travel right to and through the Beast. The dark tone is helped out and lightened up by the exquisite soundtrack, which features some of the best songs of any Disney flick. It’s the full package and definitely one of my favorites.
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  • Beauty isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing!
    The Neon Demon is a stunning film that takes a wild turn into the horror genre. When the twisted world of fashion and modeling gets turned on its head, viewers better hold on. You'll think this is a simple story of the wacky world of modeling and fashion, but it's much, much more than that. The industry's dark side is exposed in this story, and it never slows down.
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  • NBA Live Mobile gets update

    Check out those details below. Basketball season is almost upon us. Happy days.

    Perfect your shooting technique and dominate the court before the basketball season even starts in the newest title update to NBA LIVE Mobile which is available now and  free* to download in the App Store and Google Play.
    Some of NBA LIVE Mobile’s newest features includes:
    ·   A completely redesigned user-interface and graphics

    ·   Alley-Oops to captivate the crowd and dominate your opponent

    ·   Shot Coaching Feedback to help you work on getting more buckets

    ·   Major passing improvements that allow you to quickly pass the ball around the perimeter or dish to a teammate cutting through the lane

    ·   Drive enhancements that let you storm the paint and throw down dunks for your squad

    The update gets even bigger with NBA LIVE Mobile’s brand-new Rookie Program, which gives fans the authentic NBA experience of playing with newcomers in the league.
    The Rookie Program features 46 of the 2016 NBA Draft rookies and brand-new Daily and Weekly Objectives. Earn Lottery Balls and Draft Picks by completing objectives, and win your way to bringing 5 Elite Rookie Phenoms to your lineup, including the highly-rated Ben Simmons.
    A deep dive on additional updates is available in NBA LIVE Mobile’s “Courtside” blog.
    For more information about EA SPORTS games, including news, video, blogs, forums and game apps, please visit to connect, share and compete.

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  • Tekken 7 introduces limited edition Heihachi Sukajan jacket

    That is one expensive jacket. Check out the details below.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., (September 27, 2016) – Leading interactive entertainment media publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today officially announces its TEKKEN® 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket. Blending the world of high-fashion with iconography from the beloved TEKKEN franchise, BANDAI NAMCO has created a very special, limited edition statement piece that any connoisseur of fashion or TEKKEN fan would be proud to own.  

    Gracing fashion runways from Paris to Milan, bomber style Sukajan Jackets are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Today’s Sukajan Jackets exhibit decades of stylistic evolution and updates since their inception after World War II when homebound American GIs were seeking exotic souvenirs to bring home from abroad. Featuring very distinct and intricate embroidered patterns sewn upon fabrics that were sometimes taken from used parachutes; Sukajan Jackets have become iconic symbols of freedom and rebellion, are a mainstay of urban Japanese fashion culture, Yakuza style, and have been featured in countless films.

    Designed by former Project Runway contestant, Carrie Sleutkaya, the TEKKEN 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket features a reversible design that showcases two very different designs, both inspired by Heihachi Mishima, one of the most pivotal and controversial characters in TEKKEN. The “statement” side of the jacket features royal burgundy and gold coloring with a highly detailed embroidery of Fūjin, the Japanese God of Wind on the back, while the more traditional side of the jacket re-imagines Heihachi’s signature dark gray gi in luxurious stain charmeuse with the roaring tiger on the back. Each jacket is crafted with painstaking attention to detail, from the eye-catching dye sublimated patterns to the custom ribbing and welt pockets, the TEKKEN 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket delivers an unparalleled level of detail using over 440,000 stitches in its intricate embroidery work. Lastly, the TEKKEN 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jackets will be produced in an extremely limited quantity with each jacket numbered individually to preserve its exclusivity. Offered at a suggested retail price of $449.00 USD, the TEKKEN 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket is available now for pre-order in unisex sizes ranging from small to 2XL at the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment online store. All TEKKEN 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket orders will also be accompanied with a copy of TEKKEN 7 at no additional charge*.

    Currently rated “RP” for Rating Pending by the ESRB, TEKKEN 7 will be available in the Americas for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and via STEAM for PC in early 2017. For more information about everything in the TEKKEN universe, please visit:!/en/home. To learn more about BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.’s other products and services go to: Join the TEKKEN conversation on Twitter at and follow us on Facebook at: or

    *Physical copies of TEKKEN 7 that come with the purchase of the TEKKEN 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket at no additional cost will be delivered separately to jacket owners upon the game’s launch in early 2017.

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  • LEGO Dimensions welcomes Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Adventure Time and several others

    Seriously, I must get this. Check out the details below.

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today the release of six new LEGO Dimensions expansion packs based on the blockbuster franchises: Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter and The A-Team. This newest wave of expansion packs introduces Battle Arenas, a first for LEGO videogames, and Story Packs which provide a complete movie-based gameplay experience with a fresh LEGO brick building experience.
    The new Battle Arenas offer competitive split-screen local gameplay for up to four players. LEGO minifigures included in expansion packs come with special, golden Toy Tags which unlock a Battle Arena within the free play Adventure World of the corresponding entertainment brand.  Each Battle Arena has four exciting gameplay modes: Capture the Flag, Objective, Base Bash, and Tick, Tag, Boom!, and comes with its own traps, defenses, and special powers that make every Battle Arena unique. Battles can be played competitively or cooperatively in multiple player configurations including 2 vs 2, 3 vs 1, and individually against the system AI to create fun for the whole family.

    {media load=media,id=4334,width=720,align=center,display=inline}
    For a limited time, LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs for Sony PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system will include an exclusive, bonus DC Comics Supergirl LEGO minifigure. The highly collectable Supergirl minifigure has many extraordinary in-game abilities to help solve puzzles and battle enemies and can also transform into Supergirl Girl Red Lantern with additional powers.
     Ghostbusters fans who want to make their LEGO Dimensions experience spookier can add the Ghostbusters Story Pack. Players can relive the film and help Abby Yates and her team of Ghostbusters save the world from the mysterious and evil ghost, Rowen, across six action-packed levels of gameplay. They can equip Abby with her Proton Blaster to activate her Charge Transfer ability to move electricity between conduits, and use her Intelligence Access ability for puzzle-solving.  The Story Pack unlocks “Rip,” a new Toy Pad mode allowing players to tear open an alternate universe. In this mirror world, players have the ability to solve puzzles and affect objects and other items in the primary universe. The pack also includes a 3-in-1 buildable Ecto-1 which can be rebuilt into the Ectozer and The PerfEcto, plus the Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant gateway build to customize the LEGO Toy Pad.  Abby Yates provides access to a new Ghostbusters Adventure World with its own unique Battle Arena.
    In the Adventure Time Level Pack, based on Cartoon Network’s animated series, players can help Finn the Human on his mission to find the Enchidrion and prove to Princess Bubblegum that he’s a hero.  Players can use one of Finn’s many special swords to cut vines, grapple, and even deflect lasers as they battle foes and travel through the Forest of Mount Cragdor, the Dark Magician’s Brain World and more in this exclusive game level. The pack also comes with a 3-in-1 buildable Jakemobile which can be rebuilt into Snail Dude Jake and Hover Jake. The 3-in-1 buildable Ancient War Elephant can be rebuilt into the Cosmic Squid and Psychic Submarine to blast through enemies and tackle trickier puzzles. Players can unlock the Adventure Time Adventure World and challenge friends in the Pillow World Battle Arena.
    Fans of “Land of Ooo” can also add the Adventure Time Team Pack with Lumpy Space Princess and Jake the Dog.  When players need to take off in a hurry, they can jump into Lumpy Car or have BMO give them a lift.  Lumpy Car can be rebuilt into Lumpy Truck and Lumpy Land Whale, and BMO can be rebuilt into DOGMO and SNAKEMO. The Adventure Time Battle Arena offers extra-awesome abilities like Slurp Access, Grapple Swing and Shape Shift.
    In the Mission Impossible Level Pack, secret agent Ethan Hunt is being framed for the theft of highly classified materials from IMF and needs help to find the true villain.  Players must infiltrate their way through the American Embassy, CIA Headquarters and more in this thrilling game level. Players can use Ethan’s Camera Spectacles for the perfect disguise and wear the Magno Gloves to sneak up walls.  For a quick escape, players can hop onto the IMF Scrambler or IMF Sport Car, and then rebuild the 3-in-1 vehicles into the ShockCycle and IMF Covert Jet, and the IMF Tank and The IMF-Splorer to access a host of new super-spy abilities.  Ethan provides access to a Mission Impossible Adventure World with its own unique Battle Arena.
    Harry Potter fans can bring the wizarding world to life in LEGO Dimensions with the Harry Potter Team Pack featuring the iconic duo of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.  Players can use Harry to cast magical spells such as Wingardium Leviosa, Stupefy, and Expelliarmus to solve puzzles and fight off Death Eaters, or play as Lord Voldemort for access to Dark magic. When travelling across the Adventure World, players can jump onto the Hogwarts Express or Enchanted Car, and then rebuild the 3-in-1 vehicles into the Steam Warrior and Soaring Steam Plane, and the Shark Sub and Monstrous Mouth for special attacks and super weapons.  Players can unlock the Harry Potter Adventure World and bring the fight between good and evil into the Battle Arena.
    With The A-Team Fun Pack, players can smash their way through the LEGO multiverse with the classic action hero, B.A. Baracus.  Players can add the mohawk-sporting mechanical genius to their mash-up adventure and use his Super Strength and Fix-It abilities, or activate his special A-Team Master Build and Laser Redirect skills for those harder-to-solve puzzles. B.A.’s Van can quickly get him where he’s needed most, then be rebuilt it into the Fool Smasher and, if B.A. can overcome his fear of flying, rebuilt again into The Pain Plane for upgraded powers in the game. B.A. provides access to The A-Team Adventure World with its own unique Battle Arena.
    Developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, LEGO DIMENSIONS is now available for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the Wii U™ system.

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  • Axiomatic acquires controlling interest in eSports franchise Team Liquid

    Check out the details below.

    WASHINGTON D.C. and LOS ANGELES - September 27, 2016 - Team Liquid, one of the most successful global esports team franchises, has announced the sale of the controlling interest in their team to a diversified and accomplished ownership group led by two renowned professional sports team owners, media and technology entrepreneurs - Peter Guber and Ted Leonsis.
    Steve Arhancet and Victor Goossens will continue as owners and in their respective roles as Co-CEOs of Team Liquid and will also serve as Directors. Guber and Leonsis will serve as Co-Executive Chairmen of their new esports ownership group, aXiomatic, and will be joined by a group of leading strategic partners in building their broad based esports enterprise. Bruce Stein, an accomplished executive from technology, content and consumer product companies will serve as CEO of aXiomatic.
    Team Liquid has been one of the most recognizable forces in esports for the last 15 years and has built a reputation as an innovator in the industry while staying true to its roots in the gaming community. With more than 50 players competing on 10 different teams, Team Liquid competes at the highest level in global tournaments including StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Halo, Street Fighter, and SSBM.

    "I will always be a fan at heart - a gamer who fell in love with League of Legends. I followed that heart and built a team that is now shaping the future of esports, but there are still so many opportunities that we want to explore," said Arhancet. "With our new ownership group leading the charge, I am certain that we can grow from a premier esports team to a powerhouse sports entertainment franchise."
    The global success of Team Liquid has continually attracted corporate brands seeking to align themselves with Team Liquid's fan base and esports audience. Team Liquid's current sponsorship partners include HTC, Quest Nutrition and Alienware among other industry-leading companies.
    "Watching Team Liquid grow from a community site into one of the biggest esports teams in the world has been nothing but a joy for me, and this is just the next step in our growth," said Goossens. "I am proud we share the same vision as this ownership group for the team and for esports as a whole, and I know that we will work well together."
    Guber is a major player in both sports and entertainment, serving as Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group and the co-owner of three professional sports teams: the 2015 NBA champion Golden State Warriors (NBA), Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) and Los Angeles Football Club (MLS). Guber is an investor and Board member of Dick Clark Productions, which produces the American Music Awards and Golden Globe Awards. His Mandalay Entertainment Group continues to release major motion pictures to the global market each year and he also serves as Chairman/owner of Mandalay Sports Media.
    "The key to our future success will be to bring the resources and resourcefulness of our ownership group to Victor, Steve and the team they built," Guber said. "Ted, myself and the individuals that comprise our ownership group have an enormous wealth of experience and talents across virtually every major media and sports business category."
    Ted Leonsis is a nationally renowned entrepreneur, investor, and sports team owner. Leonsis is the Founder, Chairman, and majority owner of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Washington Capitals (NHL), Washington Wizards (NBA), Washington Mystics (WNBA), Washington Valor (Arena football) and the Verizon Center (downtown D.C.). Leonsis is the co-founder and partner of Revolution Growth, a $1 billion set of investment funds. Leonsis serves on the board of many of the Revolution companies, such as Bedrock Manufacturing, parent company of Shinola and Filson, Sportradar USA, CustomInk and Optoro, and he is on the board of several public companies, including American Express and Groupon.
    "Steve and Victor impressed me with all that they have done with Team Liquid and I am truly excited to work with the best people across a broad spectrum of businesses to create a unique esports enterprise," said Leonsis. "This company has the potential to create all new experiences for esports audiences worldwide."
    The CEO of aXiomatic will be Bruce Stein, an executive who has been CEO/COO of such companies as Mattel Toys, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kenner Products (Hasbro) as well as several successful start-up companies.
    "Ten months ago when we began this process our goal was to find the perfect blend of team and strategic ownership group to build a totally unique esports enterprise. With Victor, Steve and the intellectual, experiential and reputational capital of our ownership group we expect to win big in this dynamic space," said Stein.
    The investing co-ownership group includes:
    Monumental Sports & Entertainment - One of the largest sports and entertainment companies in the country, Monumental own and operates professional sports teams such as the NHL's Washington Capitals, NBA's Washington Wizards, and WNBA's Washington Mystics and the AFL's Washington Valor
    Magic Johnson - Hall of Fame basketball player and serial entrepreneur
    Steve Case - Chairman & CEO Revolution, Co-Founder of AOL
    Donn Davis - Co-Founder of Revolution and Managing Partner of Revolution Growth
    Dick Glover - Representing Mandalay Sports Media and their current President and CEO, former EVP of ESPN, former CEO Funny or Die.
    Tony Robbins - Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life & business strategist
    NextVR - Industry leading VR company specializing in live VR sporting events for FOX Sports, NBC Sports, HBO/Golden Boy, etc.
    Alan Shapiro - CEO of Dick Clark productions
    Mike Mahan - President of Dick Clark Productions
    Lon Rosen - EVP, Chief Marketing Officer of the Los Angeles Dodgers
    Tucker Kain - CFO, Los Angeles Dodgers and Managing Director, Guggenheim Baseball
    Rick Welts - President, COO of the Golden State Warriors
    Brandon Schneider - SVP Business Development of the Golden State Warriors
    Kirk Lacob - Assistant General Manager at Golden State Warriors, Co-founder of imoji
    Harry Tsao - General Partner of Juvo Capital, Co-founder of Juvo+
    Paul Schaeffer - Vice Chairman, COO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group
    Jason Sugarman - Founder, Chairman, CEO of Valor Group Holdings
    Blake Byers - General Partner of Google Ventures (GV)
    Chad Byers - Co-founder and General Partner of Susa Ventures
    Mark Scher - Founder, Principal of Scher Investment Group
    Jordan Rambis - VP Development IDW, tech/esports consultant
    Fred Schaufeld - Managing Director SWaN & Legend Venture Partners
    Zachary Leonsis - VP and General Manager of Monumental Sports Network
    Eric Lefkofsky - Co-founder of Groupon, Innerworkings, Echo, Uptake Technologies and Lightbank
    Brad Keywell - Co-founder of Groupon, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Lightbank, CEO of Uptake Technologies.
    Lerner Enterprises - Managing principal owners of the Washington Nationals MLB team, Owners of Lerner Enterprises
    Tom Kartsotis - Founder, CEO of Bedrock Manufacturing (owner of Shinola and Filson), founder of FOSSIL
    Russ Ramsey - Chairman, CEO of Ramsey Asset Management, co-founder of investment firm Friedman, Billings, Ramsey
    Jeong Kim - Chairman of Kiswe Mobile; Former President of Bell Labs
    Mark Ein - Chairman of Kastle System, CEO Capitol Acquisition Corp, Founder and Owner of World TeamTennis franchise the Washington Kastles
    Crane Kenney - President Baseball Operations, Chicago Cubs
    Larry Barden - Chair, Management Committee at Sidley Austin LLP
    Dhani Jones - Entrepreneur; Investor; TV Host; Former NFL Linebacker
    Tony Nader - Managing Director SWaN & Legend Venture Partners
    Paul Strauss - EVP Mandalay Pictures

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  • Summary
    Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is more positive than negative. It is developed to tap that deep nostalgia that Sonic fans have for the series, while bringing in some new elements that make it more than just an arcade platformer. While it isn’t perfect, especially the controls, it’s still a very entertaining experience that should satisfy the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase. Sanzaru Games did a fabulous job with it and I hope they continue to make more Sonic games in the very near future.
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  • Summary
    Salem’s Lot still stands as one of the more complete miniseries from the King library. It’s slow at the beginning, but contains solid atmosphere and creepy characters in a horror setting that combine to drive home the story.
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