Majesco Entertainment Announces Details of ‘Cooking Mama World Kitchen’ For Wii

EDISON, N.J., June 30, 2008 – Preheat the oven, grease the baking pan and get out the spatula as Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced additional details of Cooking Mama World Kitchen for Wii™. Developed by Cooking Mama Limited, the latest installment in the celebrated franchise includes an all new 3D graphic ...[Read More]

One WiiWare Game and One Virtual Console Game Added to Wii Shop Channel

You want fireworks? Look no further than the Wii™ Shop Channel, where vibrant bursts of classic gaming action and fresh WiiWare™ content will help fill your living room with a flurry of ooohs and ahhhs. Puzzle-game mavens can enjoy a wild new addition to the WiiWare library, while the Virtual Console™ brings a truly classic fighting game to the fore. For an added holiday-week blast, fans of the Wi...[Read More]

Diablo III announced

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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Game Event and Showdown

This summer, Pokémon USA, Inc. and The Pokémon Company in Japan will come together to host the Pokémon Video Game Showdown where a total of 32 players (16 from each of the Qualifier Tournaments in Los Angeles and New York) will travel to Orlando, Florida to compete against 32 of the best Pokémon video game players from Japan. For a chance to win a seat at the Pokémon Video Game Showdown on August ...[Read More]

NFL Great Sets Guinness World Record!

DAUNTE CULPEPPER SETSGUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ IN MADDEN NFL NFL Great Makes History As Guinness World Records Presents EA SPORTS With Records For Madden NFL Video Game Franchise NEW YORK – (June 25, 2008) – With drives rivaled only by his avatar, former Madden NFL cover boy Daunte Culpepper persevered and established a new GuinnessWorld Record for “Highest Score in the Two-Minute D...[Read More]

Mega Man 9 Announced!

Pinch yourself. Okay, now you’re ready.  Earlier today, word hit the street (courtesy of Nintendo Power) that a new Mega Man title is in the works.  But it’s not just any Mega Man title–it’s Mega Man 9, the first installment in the original classic series since 1996’s Mega Man 8 for the Playstation.  And it’ll only be available as a downloadable WiiWare, PSN, an...[Read More]

Jumpgate Evolution Beta Sign-ups Now Live!

JUMPGATE EVOLUTION BETA SIGN-UPS NOW LIVE! Codemasters Online & NetDevil Invite Players From Across the Globe to Sign Up to the Jumpgate Evolution BETA! (Warwickshire, UK) – June 26, 2008 – Codemasters Online & NetDevil are pleased to announce that BETA signups for their hotly anticipated MMO Jumpgate Evolution are now live alongside the brand new global community portal atwww.jumpgateevol...[Read More]

New Tales of Vesperia Gameplay Videos and Screenshots Available for Download

NAMCO BANDAI Games today released the first English gameplay videos and new screenshots for Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The new assets provide an early look at the game’s real-time combat, memorable characters and stunning graphics. Highlighting the 10th anniversary of the Tales series in North America, Tales of Vesperia launches the role...[Read More]

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky – New Details Revealed

GSC Game World and Deep Silver release new details about the prequel to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Hermosa Beach- Jun 26, 2008 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl was one of the best-sellingfirst-person shooters of 2007. In late August 2008, the Ukrainiandevelopers from GSC Game World and the publisher Deep Silver willinvite gamers to join them on a new foray into the nuclear zone:S.T.A.L...[Read More]

Gamescampus’ Shot Online Golf MMO to Host July Tournaments

The Popular Free-to-play MMO Golf Simulation Will Host a Series of FourTournaments This Summer San Jose, Calif. (June 26, 2008) – San Jose-based online gamepublisher, (, run by OnNet USA),announced today that it will launch the Hurricane Cup, a series offour Shot-Online golf tournaments, this July.  The tournaments willtake place in the following order thro...[Read More]

Reno 911! The Complete Fifth Season: Uncensored-On DVD 7/15/08

On July 15th, Paramount Home Entertainment and Comedy Central will release the hilarious Reno 911! The Complete Fifth Season: Uncensored on DVD! This season is packed with laughs as the squad takes on abounty hunter, become door-to-door salesmen and much more. Not onlydoes the amusing cast keep you entertained, but so do the guest starswhich include Christina Applegate, Seth Green and many other v...[Read More]