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Time Recoil Review

The narrative of Story mode is clandestine to start, but reveals happen as you move through chapter events. The jist of it is there’s a nefarious actor by the moniker Mr. Time that has taken control over most of Europe. As a member of the Recoilers, your mission is to travel through time by way of wormholes, collect data or high value targets, and bring them back to HQ while merking any fool...[Read More]



Observer Review

Welcome to 2084; welcome to Poland; welcome to the KPD. You are Daniel Lazarski, voiced by the unmistakable Rutger Hauer. Detective Lazarski is an Observer, those dispatched to look into various crimes in the “Lesser Poland” city of Krakow. What makes this particular group of police different is their authorized use of an investigative measure known as the Dream Eater, a shielded wire ...[Read More]



South Park: The Complete Twentieth Season

Attempting to “member” twenty years worth of anything is a tall task, irrespective of its significance and impact. As I’ve attested in past SP reviews, this show has been a favorite of mine since its debut. Even still, the practice of recalling each year’s group of chapters individually and in proper order is a personal act in futility. Sure, off the top of my head I recall...[Read More]



Halo Wars 2

The first edition in the subseries, Halo Wars, was released right around eight years ago for the 360. That was a joint venture between the then named Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios. It coalesced basic real time tenants within the Halo-verse realm. With the odds stacked against (usual RTS-on-console control mismatch, melding facets of a shooter to fit a completely different genre, et c...[Read More]



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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Origins of Resident Evil can be traced to the first three entries, which were indicative of classic horror gaming conventions.  Third person orientation with a high angle, frustratingly rigid character control, limited resources, puzzles-a-plenty, and so forth.  Despite the shared similarities, the consensus critical response generally put these releases within a higher echelon.  2005 saw the rele...[Read More]

Gears of War 4

If blood is thicker than water, be prepared to swim; there's going to be a lot of it!  Microsoft Studios and The Coalition are emerging the next chapter in this high action shooter franchise, the first to be purpose built for the One.


Clean up your kit, dust off those boots, hit the pitch, and prepare for kickoff!  EA Canada is back for another season with a brand new marquee mode and a burgeoning engine application.

Forza Horizon 3

Add another binary wristband to the collection; it's festival season on planet Xbox!  Playground Games and Turn 10 are starting the ignition on another open world driving expedition based on vaunted Forza principles.

South Park: The Complete Nineteenth Season

Go buy some organic snacks at your new, all-local grocery store, settle in on that sofa constructed with sustainable materials in your gentrified efficiency, and "check your privilege;" everyone's favorite small Colorado community is back!  Just under a week from the debut of a milestone 20th season, this Blu-ray set ensconces 2015's acclaimed run along with some special features that illuminate t...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 Versus Beta Impressions

The spring beta season is in full swing, and Microsoft Studios is getting involved in a big way.  For Ultimate Edition owners (and everyone starting tomorrow), Gears of War 4 is flexing its multiplayer guns with a preview session for a few PvP modes that will be included in the full release later this fall.  After Epic Games stepped away from their franchise in 2014, a new development team, The Co...[Read More]


After a respectable first stanza, the next round is set to begin!  UFC 2 is the latest effort from the Ignite Engine powered team at EA Sports that looks to streamline some of the command systems from 2014 and increase available content.

Prison Architect Preview Impressions

Have you ever wanted to build, manage, and maintain your own prison?  Well, here’s your chance!  The highly regarded construction and management simulator Prison Architect released for PC last October by Introversion Software is soon to get a full port to console by Double Eleven.  A preview build was made available to me via the Xbox One, which showed while there are still some walls to be ...[Read More]