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Turtle Beach – Ear Force i30

Turtle Beach has branched out from console and computer gaming audio devices into the realm of Apple products with their new Ear Force i30 headphones. How do they stack up? Read on past the break to get my full impressions!

HiddenRadio2 Has Just Been Announced

Bluetooth speakers are big items this year! Last year a couple guys launched a very successful KickStarter campaign with the “Hidden Radio”.  This year they’re at it again with a redesigned model crammed full of some all new features. Check out their press release below:     HiddenRadio2™ Innovative Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Blasts its Way to Become One of the Mos...[Read More]



Thule Gauntlet 15″ MacBook Pro Sleeve

2013 has shaped up to be the year of the tablet, but not everyone has lined up like cattle to the slaughterhouse for touch screen tech that leaves power users hungry for more. Some of us still rely on a laptop for serious computing and with that hardware comes a need for portability. From Thule, the company previously famous for carriers and racks for your car comes a laptop protector which is sli...[Read More]

Crossover for Mac

Converting to a Mac from PC is pretty easy to do, but sometimes it can be a pain to re-purchase all your software. Why should you have to buy something twice just because you change platforms? Rather than resorting to piracy, you could make life much easier with one piece of software guaranteed to make you a happy Mac enthusiest. Check out Crossover for Mac!

Thule Crossover 12L Messenger Bag

You spent good hard earned money getting your laptop, tablet and phone. Why wouldn't you invest in something to protect it? There are tons of options out there to help you carry and protect your tech, but shopping for the perfect one can be a headache. Check out this review on the Thule Crossover 12L Messenger Bag, you may have stumbled across just that, the perfect one.

Glide Gear SYL-3000 Camera Stabilizer

Smooth video is really pretty easy if you just mount your camera to a tripod. But shots without movement can become very boring. Unfortunately when you take that camera off the tripod you greatly reduce the quality of video. That's because even the steadiest hand still adds shake to video which can make footage very difficult to watch. Every videographer should have a Steady Cam in their bag of tr...[Read More]


How safe are you when you're isolated from the world while listening to your music? Have you ever wished that you could hear both your tunes and your surroundings at the same time? Airbudz won't replace your normal earbuds, but there are definitely times when these things will come in really handy.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Graphics and photo editors alike have agreed that Adobe Photoshop is the only true industry standard to the point that "Photoshop" has moved in our lexicon from being a proper noun to a verb (i.e. "That image looks Photoshopped"). With such a titanic momentum, great things are expected with each new release. Did Adobe deliver with Creative Suite 6? Read on for this reviewer's full impression.

Rogue Portrait Lighting Kit

Softboxes are great lighting tools and spotlights with gels make ordinary scenes look fantastic. The problem with this kind of gear is that it is expensive and very difficult to lug around on location. Many photographers have to make due with what they can carry, and many locations won't yield to a professional setup. Thankfully, Expo Imaging has you covered with their new Rogue Portrait Lighting ...[Read More]

Gela Skins

The trouble with the success of some products is the Lemming factor. While our plethora of iDevices has us customizing our home screen, and our apps... our hardware generally looks similar to 90% of the rest of everyone out there. Luckily, companies like Gela Skins allow you to break the mold with some great artwork for your gear. Plus, if you don't like what they have you can make your own! Check...[Read More]

VooMote Zapper

Your iPhone can control your Apple TV, but is that so great if you can't adjust the volume with it? Now you can, and so much more. The feeling of power in this synergy of gadgetry is nearly overwhelming. You have to check out VooMote for iPhone!


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FJ Westcott X-Drop

One thing that distinguishes an amateur from a professional is having the right tools for the job. The problem is that sometimes on location shooting making carrying around all that gear very cumbersome. The X-Drop photographic backdrop by FJ Westcott is a great light weight photo backdrop system which can save you money, and a lot of back pain!