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The Bee Movie Game

Movie licensed games. Need I say more?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I don’t pride myself in being overly critical of gaming companies. I also understand the purpose of a movie license and how far that actually goes when it’s translated to a game. But, with that said, it truly is unacceptable to see a perfectly good opportunity go to waste.That’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in a nutshell.

Transformers: The Movie

 I had so much hope for this film. I really did. It had been long overdue to be made into a live-action film. The 1986 movie (which was animated) really did the series justice and even brought about new tales in the different renditions of the overall storyline. When there was a gigantic truck at Comicon a few years back with the movie release date, I was giddy. When Steven Spielberg’s name came u...[Read More]

The Jungle Book: Two-Disc Special Edition

 What happens when a child is left in a jungle? Well only the most obvious thing! Animals raise him, accept him and then try to get rid of him. 


 Why in the world did people not like this film? After watching it nearly six times, I have come to realize that the one true answer to the above question is quite simply… it’s not childish as the others. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

 The fifth movie from the fifth book of Harry Potter may be the best one yet. Let me explain further.

Family Guy Volume Five

 I never knew that such a show could survive so long. On and off from the beginning of the show itself, Family seemed to get more and more offensive as the seasons grew on. In volume five of Family Guy, you get even more crude humor and, for the most part, it’s very welcomed.


I just couldn't really understand why Disney would want to take a perfectly good cartoon and ruin it. And ruin it in High-Def no doubt. But you know what happened after viewing this film on Blu-ray? I realized that "Underdog" is actually quite good. Not Academy Award good, but good on a family level.

The Simpsons

So many years, so much material, so many characters... so how did it do? D'OH! The Simpsons Movie! When Springfield needs an overhaul due to major pollution, the government steps in to help. The mayor builds a giant concrete wall around the main water supply, which is being polluted, to help keep the pollutants out. When Homer saves a pig from a terrible fate at the hands of Krusty, he soon finds ...[Read More]

Mr. Woodcock – Blu-ray

Yes, there are people like this in the P.E. world. No kidding. Is this a good movie? That's a rhetorical question John Farley had a rough life. He was young and fat, as most people in high school are, and was constantly harassed. He wasn't harassed by students though, he was harassed by Mr. Woodcock, the P.E. teacher. Having been mentally scarred by his high school trauma, he finds himself growing...[Read More]


Could the HD version of Transformers best the regular DVD in story and special features?You’ll have to find out…Same great taste, but in a different beerIf you’re not familiar with the movie, it goes like this.When Sam Witwicky goes to purchase a car, he purchases more than just his first car. Unknowingly he purchases a transforming robot from the planet Cybertron, who picks Sam to help him and hi...[Read More]

Top Gun

That’s right readers! I am dangerous…Highway to the danger zone… oh, boyMaverick is a great fighter pilot who is granted admittance into Top Gun flight school. Basically, the best of the best achieve this level of schooling. To get to the ‘best of the best’ status he’ll need to keep his wits about him, fend off rivals – who have a beef with his father, and keep his head in the game and out of the ...[Read More]