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Shooter: Season One

In 2007, Mark Wahlberg starred in a great movie called Shooter that was based off of Stephen Hunter’s novel “Point of Impact.” The film was about an expert marine sniper who gets framed for assassinating the president, and his determination to seek justice and clear his name. Wahlberg is an executive producer along with Stephen Levinson on the TV series that began airing last Nov...[Read More]



Layton’s Mystery Journey (iOS) Review

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy — is the latest in the long-running Layton game series from Level-5. The Professor Layton series comes to mobile first for the first time ever, with a 3DS release in the West slated for October. We also see Professor Layton’s daughter, Katrielle take the spotlight as the whereabouts of the good Professor and his helpe...[Read More]



The Final Master

New from Well Go USA is director Haofeng Xu’s The Final Master. This is a martial arts story that takes place in the 1930s and is about a tremendously skilled bladesman (to call him just a swordsman seems unfair) who wishes to open a Wing Chun school in the city of Tianjin. However, to open a new academy, there are some very old requirements including defeating eight other schools — so...[Read More]



T.J. Hooker: The Complete Series

In between Star Trek and Boston Legal, William Shatner also found success in another TV series that ran from 1982-1986 called T.J. Hooker. Thomas J Hooker was the character Shatner would play for all eighty-nine episodes. Morally sound and tough on the bad guys, Hooker played the good cop that brought justice to the city. This TV series comes to DVD completely now for the first time thanks to Shou...[Read More]



Hey! PIKMIN Review

After having made the jump to hyperspace only to come out in an asteroid field and crash land on a strange, yet somehow familiar planet, Captain Olimar finds himself stranded and unable to get home. His ship’s computer locates a fuel leak, but otherwise the ship can be repaired. The problem is, Olimar must find 30,000 Sparklium to get the ship ready for flight. To do that, he’s going t...[Read More]



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Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy

When Crash Bandicoot burst onto the scene effectively becoming the mascot for PlayStation in its early years, I was a pure PC gamer. I did not own a PlayStation until the PS2 and not even that until about 2004. Around then, and ever since, I have become a collector of videogame systems and games, old and new, and in my collection and backlog (if you can even call it that) are the original Crash Ba...[Read More]



The Pink Panther Collection

Shout! Select is a collection of releases by Shout! Factory featuring some cult hits that don’t always get a chance in the spotlight. Films like Red Dawn, Nighthawks, Car Wash, some Bruce Lee classics, and now, The Pink Panther Collection, arriving on Blu-ray this week. The Pink Panther franchise is a large one no matter how you slice it. In full scope, it spans decades and includes about el...[Read More]



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Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition

Just over two years ago, I played through and enjoyed a Vita-exclusive title from Arc System Works known as Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo. That review is still live except for the in-line images missing at this location. Recently, Damascus Gear got the HD Edition treatment and was re-released on the PS4. Between E3 and some other issues I have not yet played all the way through the HD Edition, bu...[Read More]



Ever Oasis

New from GREZZO (makers of Zelda re-makes on 3DS) and produced by Koichi Ishii, and available now, is Ever Oasis. A light-hearted, accessible, town-building ARPG, Ever Oasis offers an appealing, inviting, and enjoyable experience on your 3DS. The adventure begins by selecting your gender and naming your character, and then you learn about how a once lush and peaceful world was overcome by Chaos, a...[Read More]



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Railroad Tigers

Out tomorrow on Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack from Well Go USA is Railroad Tigers, starring the incomparable Jackie Chan. Directed by Ding Sheng, Railroad Tigers is a historically based action comedy with epic train battle scenes and some of Jackie’s trademark action humor. Set in December 1941, Jackie plays Ma Yuan, the leader of a ragtag group of Chinese resistance fighters who are forced to work...[Read More]



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When Nintendo releases a new IP, it’s worth taking note. Releasing to the masses a week from today comes an all new Switch exclusive, ARMS. It’s a perfectly fitting title for a fighting game whose core design revolves around fighters who can equip different extendable arms to take into battle. If ARMS kind of reminds you of Splatoon at first look, that’s understandable. From the ...[Read More]



Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem. Cool name, very long-running and heralded series — but one I have always avoided. I knew these games were special, and some colleagues at Digital Chumps enjoy them. Unfortunately, none of them were available to take on this latest entry for review which is actually a remake of one of the very first in the storied franchise. Fire Emblem: Gaiden was first released in 1992 and only...[Read More]