Chris Stone

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition

The goal of Don't Starve is to try not to starve. If you starve, you will die. If you die before you starve, you will still be dead.

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 63]

The year of 2013 is getting real! This week, we’ve got Metal Gear Rising, Antichamber, Little Inferno, Dead Space 3, and other conduits to burning and maiming. As per usual, we act like we know what we are doing, but introduce a late plot twists that is designed to confuse the listener. The Retroactive Shitstorm is back, with the wonderful and wild year of 1995, otherwise known as the year t...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 62]

Set your posi-forks and eat your peta-balls, we’re taking on the early stages of 2013 with a look at some of the early and quirky games we’ve been tinkering and tailoring. We’re talking Don’t Starve, Dark Souls, Metal Gear Rising, EscapeVektor, The Cave, and Spaceteam…as a spaceteam! Find the latest episode on the RSS feed or go to iTunes. Or you can directly download...[Read More]

The Cave

Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions attempt to combine their trademark humor, nostalgia for point-and-click adventure games with the practicality of the modern puzzle-platformer.

Flap Jaw Space – The End of Year and Somewhat Spectacular Episode

In order to finalize this year’s Power Rankings, we must walk the line of the piss-fart. Don’t ask, just grasp on your buddies and hope for the best, because it all comes down to this. Alternate titles: The Shaming of Steve, Ironic Use of Insane Clown Posse Songs.  As we finalize our final rankings for the year, remember that we also begin our limited Power Rankings for 2013, whic...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 60]

Some major shake ups are in store this week, as we blather about Hitman: Aboslution, Assassin’s Creed 3, and all things WiiU. Also, sports, pants, and a prominent waxing of why we like what we like and what the hell cliffhangers have to do with whatever the hell Steve is talking about. Come feast on the blood of digital animals! Find the latest episode on the RSS feed or go to iTunes. Or you...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Barf Mode 3]

We did another Barf Mode. If you’re not familiar with Barf Mode, then you’re very, very lucky. Barf Mode is an experience where we turn on our microphones and let our brains barf an extraordinary amount of anti-knowledge. You’ve been warned! (No, seriously, it’s pretty good.) Find the latest episode on the RSS feed or go to iTunes. Or you can directly download thi...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 59]

There are multiple stories about guys, the coolers they leave unattended, and the quality of the beer in said cooler as a personality test. Also, video games. Which video games, you ask? XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Hotline Miami, Tokyo Jungle, and Punch Quest. But wait, there’s more! The Retroactive Shitstorm for 2003 has arrived. Please join us and lose faith in the internet! Find the latest episo...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 58]

We’ve summoned the heroes of the Internet and sent them to get a peek at Skylanders Giants and Need for Speed: Most Wanted in different countries. In addition, one of the most anticipated whale oil punk game of the year, Dishonored, is discussed. Retro City Rampage might be pretty cool, but we don’t really know that, either. Also: Rayman: Origins and more Borderlands 2. Come anthromorp...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 57]

Eric is back from his close encounters with wild Florida sabrecats, so he’s decided that there’s little to do other than blather nonsense into partially-functioning microphones. Anyway, we’re moving forward with our video game Power Rankings this week in which we discuss the merits and shortcomings of Borderlands 2, Tekken Tag 2, Mark of the Ninja, FTL, Double Dragon Neon, and Ki...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 56]

As the world turns, we must try to get Pushmo off of out Power Rankings list. Steve, of course, frets and defends the 3DS puzzler to his death. Nonetheless, the show goes on as we discuss more Walking Dead, Super Hexagon, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Asura’s Wrath, and other incessant nonsense. Due to popular demand, the Retroactive Shitstorm is back again as we head toward 1996. It was a good yea...[Read More]

Flap Jaw Space [Episode 55]

The rankings of power continue with that new Mario joint, Retro/Grade, Sound Shapes, and more chit about The Walking Dead. Also, the Retroactive Shitstorm is back with a new twist. Hold on to expectations, because you really shouldn’t have any by this point! Find the latest episode on the RSS feed or go to iTunes. Or you can directly download this episode and share it with your grandma! Plea...[Read More]