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NHL 18 Review

The signs have been there all along, folks. Three periods in a game. Three forwards on a scoring line. Three Stars of the Week. Three goals in a hat trick. Truly, three has been a magic number for the National Hockey League. And in keeping with this mysterious tradition of threes, EA has brought the new NHL Threes mode to the Xbox One (the third stage of evolution for Microsoft’s console!) Does th...[Read More]

NHL ’18 – Beta Impressions (short and sweet)

If you believe the conventional wisdom about three being a crowd is incorrect, then the new NHL Threes mode that makes its debut in the NHL 18 beta is worth your attention. As the name suggests, you take the ice with two other skaters to enjoy a faster, more open style of play. The pace, of course, is certainly more arcade than faithful simulation. There are modifiers that affect how many points a...[Read More]

NHL 17

NHL 17 is the third iteration in EA’s long running hockey series to grace the Xbox One.  Fans of the series likely recall how NHL 15 short changed players with a feature-thin offering. Then with NHL 16, EA made up for the shortage by delivering a more fleshed out title adding, among other things, a practice mode boasting more than one skater. Seriously. NHL 15 gave you a single skater in practice ...[Read More]

Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot

Typically when one hears the words ‘German engineering’ they think of finely tuned, high performance luxury automobiles.  But after viewing ‘Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot’ you should also credit German engineering for giving the world one of the most precise shooting motions in the history of basketball.  Dirk Nowitzki truly is the Mercedes-Benz of the NBA’s power forwards.  He’s a high performing at...[Read More]

NBA Live 16

In its continuing quest to get the series back on track, NBA Live is bringing some interesting new features to this year’s game.  The addition of new online modes as well as your very own face are just a couple of the ways Live is working to restore your interest in their brand of hoops.  But thanks to some nagging issues with the presentation and gameplay, this latest shot is a little off the mar...[Read More]


An already well-polished diamond, the FIFA series has been dazzling gamers with a top notch gaming experience for years.  FIFA 16 holds true to the established formula, opting for small touch-ups as opposed to sweeping changes.  But though these additions are few in number, they are significant.

Adventure Time: The Enchiridion charging home in October

The adventure that never gets old. Details below.

NHL 16

Fresh out of the penalty box following the game misconduct earned for its shallow NHL 15 offering, EA Sports has returned to the ice with a more feature rich experience in this edition of their hockey franchise.  NHL 16 brings players a wealth of options to explore including connected franchise, ultimate team, playoff mode and more. Yet despite the gains made in the variety of experience, there ar...[Read More]


If your experience as a youth soccer coach has been anything like mine, then you also likely rely on FIFA to help you live out the dreams on the digital pitch you cannot seem to get materialized on actual turf with a squad of toddlers.  I mean, is a weak foot lob shot really that challenging?  Fortunately for fans of FIFA, it is not in this year’s edition of the franchise.  Outside of some small b...[Read More]

NHL 15

After watching Madden and FIFA make the jump to the Next Generation with their 2014 editions, Puck Heads were asked to patiently wait a year for their beloved hockey franchise to arrive.  The wait is now over, friends.  We can all stop sobbing into our NHL licensed Snuggies.  NHL 15 has skated onto the nextgen ice, bringing with it the most impressive presentation I have ever seen in a hockey game...[Read More]

Batman: Arkham Origins — Cold, Cold Heart

Of the many memorable boss fights in the Batman Arkham titles, the showdown with Mr. Freeze in Arkham City stood out to me as one of the most creative, engaging moments in the series.  So I was delighted to learn that the origin of Mr. Freeze would be the focus of this new campaign DLC appropriately titled, 'Cold, Cold Heart.'  However, I found that both the eventual confrontation with Mr. Freeze ...[Read More]

Madden NFL 25

Has it really been twenty-five years, Madden?  Why, it seems like just yesterday I was throwing a chair against a wall following an unexpected loss to fellow Digital Chump, Nathan Stevens, in Madden 2005.  Time, like that now shattered, discount lawn chair, moves unexpectedly fast.  Fortunately for the furniture currently in my home, the 25th anniversary edition of Madden provokes no such feelings...[Read More]

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