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Atomic Blonde [4K+HDR]

Summary: An operation in Berlin goes terribly awry in this action-packed spy thriller. The story unfolds from the perspective of Lorraine Broughton, an agent who was right in the middle of it all. Description: Spy films are always fun to watch. They’re mysterious, smart, and full of action and epic fight/chase scenes. Viewers are usually left wondering what side the various characters are on...[Read More]



Superman The Movie: Extended Cut & 2-Film Collection

Summary: Krypton’s favorite son is sent to Earth just before his home planet is destroyed. He successfully hides his super-human powers from humanity, and finds a way to put them to good use once he comes of age. This is Superman’s origin story from a young child to adulthood. Description: DC Comics has a tiger by the tail with the on-going success of Superman and Batman. The two mega-...[Read More]



Ancient Aliens: Season 10 – Vol. 1

Summary: This season of Ancient Aliens takes a look at the evidence accumulated over the years, and offers additional insight on Ancient Alien concepts/belief. Description: It goes without saying Ancient Aliens has been a huge success for the History Channel. You can ask anyone if they’ve seen it, and they’ll likely respond, “Is that the alien show with the guy with the wild hair...[Read More]



Transformers: The Last Knight [3D]

Summary: With a complete lack of leadership, the Autobots and Decepticons are in full-out war with one another. Earth has become their battleground, and more of them keep showing up. Description: When the first Michael Bay-era Transformers film hit the big screen, audiences around the world were in complete awe. The computer-generated mechanical Transformers were a massive spectacle, and their tra...[Read More]




Summary: A struggling artist tries to find solace after his mother passes away in this unique and heartfelt comedy. Description: Comedies are some of the hardest stories to write. What’s funny to some may not be funny to all, which is what makes them so difficult to pull off. This hasn’t stopped Writers or movie studios from attempting them though. They’ve been a staple in the in...[Read More]



Blade Runner [4K + HDR]

Summary: A small group of Replicants make their way back to Earth after being excommunicated indefinitely. It’s up to the Blade Runner to locate and retire them before they can unleash their master plan. Description: There are a handful of Sci-Fi films that stand the test of time, and Blade Runner is easily one of those films. The film depicts a dystopian future; filled with advertisements, ...[Read More]




Summary: The Baywatch team is in need of three new recruits in this over-the-top dramedy featuring killer-bods, espionage and more drama than you’d expect. Description: The classic television series known as Baywatch was filled with iconic actors, amazing physiques, dramatic life-saving events, and all sorts of controversy. Most folks wouldn’t think twice about the prowess required to ...[Read More]



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [4K + HDR]

Summary: Star-Lord and the Gang are back to saving the galaxy in this over-the-top and highly entertaining chapter within the Marvel Studios universe. Description: Choosing the best Marvel film can be a rather difficult task. These superhero spectacles are a sight to behold, and Hollywood has been riding their money train for the better part of a decade now. They throw hundreds of millions of doll...[Read More]



Snatched [4K + HDR]

Snatched ——– Summary: A mother-daughter duo go on a much needed vacation to Ecuador, South America. Little do they know they are going to get snatched up by some locals. The two must work together if they want to survive this botched adventure. Description: Vacation comedies are nothing new, but writers and actors always find new ways to tell hilarious stories through tragedy and...[Read More]



The Hunter’s Prayer

Summary: A troubled assassin has to decide whether or not he can complete his mission which requires killing a young innocent girl in this action-packed thriller. Description: There’s no shortage of assassin films these days, and it seems like they all try to replicate the highly successful Jason Bourne franchise. This makes sense because audiences around the world love those films. TheyR...[Read More]



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The Boss Baby [4K + HDR]

Summary: Tim’s new brother is more than he seems in this animated comedy about a baby whose boss-like nature is exposed. The unlikely pair must work together to save their parents and stop an evil plot by the CEO of Puppy Co. Description: There are plenty of fish-out-of-water animated films to date, and they are all quite unique. We’ve seen toys that come to life, pets that can talk, a...[Read More]



The Fate of the Furious [4K +HDR]

In the Eighth chapter of the Furious franchise, Dom breaks his code on family and decides to go rouge! Find out why in this adrenaline-pumping action film that’s filled with more high-octane vehicles than ever before. Description: I’ve been a fan of The Fast and The Furious franchise since the first film. It was a monumental step for the tuner-car generation that laid out the asphalt [...[Read More]